1 out of 3 American households can no longer afford rent, food, and transportation. The biggest rise in expenditures comes from rising housing costs.

The Obama Recovery is a Total Lie–Recovery for whom? For Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex and all associated with the Total Surveillance State, and for the lobbyists and bureaucrats that thrive within the Beltway.

Will these now very wealthy and powerful interests roll over and lose the White House in November? This is really the only question for which America should be preparing for the answer. It is the question that should be racing through the halls of the leadership of the National Guard and the Pentagon. The clock is ticking and November is rapidly approaching. 

cq5dam.web.1280.1280The driving force in this political movement is anger and many American families need only look at their bank statements to understand why.  Since 2004 median income has fallen by 13% while expenditures have risen by 14% according to latest figures pulled by Pew Research.  That strikes at the heart of why the middle class is now a minority.  People are struggling to get by and while the Fed is obsessed with interest rates, most families are seeing the impact of crony capitalism devastating their wallets. 

One perfect example is the banking bailouts.  The bailouts simply allowed the too big to fail banks to get even bigger and allowed large investors to purchase many homes as investments.  This happened while regular families were struggling. 

The end result is higher housing costs but no real underlying gain in income.  Since housing eats up the biggest part of your budget this has had a major impact.  1 out of 3 American can no longer afford rent, food, or transportation.

1 out of 3 American households can no longer afford rent food and transportation The biggest rise in

-Most Americans are one paycheck away from the street