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Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” – Soren Kierkegaard

There are many terrific books that have been published over the past twenty plus years on chaos theory and the dynamics of complex systems as applied to both the Newtonian and quantum worlds, as well as the many applicable dynamics of such systems and innate processes as they apply to human social and political economies, to markets and to international geopolitical forces. The ideas should be as familiar to most of us as the the Copernican heliocentric motions of our solar system, but they are not. But, I am not going to go into a dialogue here on the characteristics of complexity or chaos except to say that, America and today’s world has reached a level of unstable complexity which is anywhere from seconds to perhaps a year or so away from a massive, disruptive phase transition into a new paradigm of human socioeconomic civilization, the first phase of which is an absolutely inevitable globally interconnected systemic collapse.

Life can no longer be understood looking backwards. In fact, doing so at many levels in a world of extraordinarily false, deceptive and manipulated metamyths, where the vast majority of our national belief systems and collective historical memories are nothing but the indoctrination of the messaging of history’s victors, the increasingly concentrated power elites of what has truly become a globalized fascist state, assures our civilizations demise. It is not just the American Empire in it’s overtly visible military, political and economic reach that rules, but it’s core ideas, not the ones from our nation’s founders unfortunately, have infected every nation on earth to one degree or another, now mostly overwhelmingly so.

From rampant consumerism, to debt driven consumption and falsely, almost desperately, centrally directed stimulated growth and government supported corporatism, from the attempted forced imposition of US domiciled transnational’s GMO standards to the whole Anglo-Saxon imposed fractional reserve banking system and well beyond to practically every level of human activity of once relatively independent civilizations, the Americanization of the world is all but complete. Even the Islamic States bloody beasts relish Red Bull and other American abominations. When I read that there were injuries from stampeding Black Friday consumption frenzied animals unleashed in the UK, overcoming once renowned British distaste for overly crass American commercialism, I knew the empire’s dominance had reached its corrupted zenith.

But these are just the surface manifestations of an American dominated world globally interconnected at the speed of light. A world whose increasing reliance on a very limited number of economic engines and centralized economic, political and regulatory systems has radically increased the whole global system to the risks of untamable systemic shock. With domestic and international governance concentrated in sclerotic bureaucracies directed by remote, disassociated global power and financial elites, the whole global ecosystem has become one maladaptive cesspool of entrenched hierarchies whose only true purposes are to protect their privileged positions for themselves and their heirs and to increase their power and dominion over the rest of the world.  

There is rapidly increasingly complexity in the world, the inevitable result of the tendencies of complex dynamic systems to continue to become more and more complex until they reach a critical state of instability and threaten collapse. To say that we live in a non-linear world is an understatement and the centralization and concentration of authority over such systems is the exact opposite of the processes required to allow our world to retain enough resilience to adapt, and to adapt at the accelerating rates required to maintain a remotely correct understanding of new realities. There is an atomization of risks today that complexity, almost total inter-dependency and non-linear power laws make inherently more dangerous. Yet, we cling to 20th century, if not older, mechanisms of risk assessment and response.

It is, however, human nature to seek control. Governments are human nature on steroids and as the system begins to fray at a rapid rate, governments and the power elites that support them always, always will seek greater control as the solution, not less. But it is such that dynamic adaptive complexity absolutely requires decentralization, not increasing bureaucratic frictions and massively over regulated freedom destroying controls. It requires forward looking and creative minds, not those of a political and economic system entrenched in defending its historical privileges and powers. It requires comprehension of those not looking to the past to determine responses to new, emergent crisis popping out of the quantum vacuum that are fragmented, indeterminate and totally unpredictable, at least so under the old models of analysis and response. It requires revolution.

So we arrive at a state of affairs were the dynamism and rapidly changing complexity of the American, as well as the whole global socioeconomic, financial and geopolitical system is creating rapidly increasing instabilities and migrating towards a state of chaos with the inevitability of a sudden avalanche collapse, a collapse of a magnitude never seen before. But the nature of the institutionalized, concentrated, bureaucratic Leviathan of the old order is to seek aggressively to impose more centralized control, less freedom and adaptability, which is, without any doubts, the exact opposite of what is required.  The system has reached a critical level of overly organized instability where anachronistic modes of thinking, of interpretation and response will only increase the global socioeconomic and geopolitical networks fragility and very, very likely enhance the depth and duration of the revulsion, the systems cathartic cleansing before it seeks a new level of relative stability.

You can see this Across-America-storm-clouds-gathering-horizon-dark-days-layeverywhere today. From the absurd tradition bound responses to the meaning and expected effects of the collapse of the price oil and other commodities to the deflationary responses of the European Central Bank and the continued desperate levitation of the American and global stock markets by direct intervention of the Federal Reserve and others attempting to stave off the inevitable, in the vain hopes that what worked once in the past may do so again. We are poised in a super charged critical state, entering a period of chaos and collapse. The good news is that in nature, in both the quantum and Newtonian worlds, chaos ultimately breeds a new order. It is getting there that is going to be painful.

In fact hidden around us right now the emergent order is gaining dynamism. It is, however, apparently humanities fate to never be able to see through the fog of the past (and the current eras fog of lies and propaganda makes this even more so) and understand what is reality and to see the new orders emergent inevitability, as those that have such sight are usually shunned and locked away. The bad news is that it is almost a certainty that this emergent order will not be birthed naturally, but painfully out of the dying belly of the order we still believe we are capable of guiding. Impossible.

A few quick snippets:

  • The global economy is in very, very deep trouble and so is America’s despite all of the BS coming from the mainstream system cheerleaders.
  • Eventually, likely soon, the massively manipulated global stock markets will reflect an economic reality that is far from that which is blindly being imputed to it by the financial media and by those whose interests it protects.
  • The sudden collapse in the price of oil carries the seeds of far greater economic and geopolitical risks than common interpretations have us believing. Events like this, critically embedded in hyper-connected, fragile complexity within a system so unstable as the world today is likely to lead to totally unanticipated, potentially massively disruptive events–power laws of non-linear systems will assure that.
  • Despite the elections here in the United States, stability in Washington is not remotely forthcoming. In fact, expect increasing chaos in both domestic and foreign policies.
  • Expect the potential for a rapid further erosion in most of our freedoms.
  • Expect social unrest with an acceleration in the militarization of the American security state, not less.
  • We are experiencing the creative destruction of world views, this will be difficult to discern until a new “ism”, world view or order begins to become more visible to the public, but it is going on outside of the corridors of power around the world now. It is centrifugal and will be fought by the concentrated powers of the elitist, centripetal system of the old order. 
  • The collective interpretation of reality as it now exists, propagated by the ancien régime, will be shattered.
  • The transition will be impossible for most.
  • Question all of your beliefs and everything sourced from governments.

Everyone knows the expression “seeing is believing.” Yet much of what we see is actually an illusion. For example, when we see a typical landscape, it seems like a smooth, movie-like panorama. In reality, there is a gaping hole in our field of vision, corresponding to the location of the optic nerve in the retina. We should see this large ugly black spot wherever we look. But our brains fill in that hole by papering it over, by averaging it out. This means that part of our vision is actually fake, generated by our subconscious minds to deceive us.

==The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind (Michio Kaku)

We live in a world that is already in fact very different from the one which we have begun to comprehend, and by the time our comprehension has caught up with the new reality, the world is likely to be even more drastically different in ways that today may seem unthinkable. Discontinuity is the central reality of our contemporary history, and that demands an intensified debate regarding the meaning of our era.

Permitting escape from unsatisfactory reality through a commitment to an imaginary reality yet to be achieved, metamyth served to galvanize and channel mass passions—with the spread of literacy facilitating the political appeal of the metamyths and with industrial techniques, harnessed in the name of the metamyth, making feasible the infliction of death on a scale without precedent in human history.

==Out of Control: Global Turmoil on the Eve of the 21st Century (Zbigniew Brzezinski)

The great American philosopher William James is credited with making a famous observation about the power of the human mind to shape its own reality: “Belief creates the actual fact.”

We will happily lie to ourselves if given a reason, and will think and act as though our false belief is true, ignoring hints from reality. This may produce a view of life that is distorted, but the distortion can provide tangible benefits that make life more worth living.

There’s an important corollary here: for all its obvious benefits, realism has its limitations. Seeing things accurately, by which we mean seeing them “as they are,” is not always a plus. Sometimes it’s a hindrance, and this is especially true when things really are bleak. There is, for instance, a strong connection between depression and realism. Decades of research suggest that if you want a realistic assessment of things, ask someone who is depressed.

Self-deception, for all its obvious downsides, is an inherent human trait.

==Kidding Ourselves: The Hidden Power of Self-Deception (Joseph T. Hallinan)

 Universe Is A Virtual Reality


Physical realism is the view that the physical world we see is real and exists by itself, alone. Most people think this is self-evident, but physical realism has been struggling with the facts of physics for some time now. The paradoxes that baffled physics last century still baffle it today, and its great hopes of string theory and supersymmetry aren’t leading anywhere. In contrast, quantum theory works, but quantum waves that entangle, superpose, then collapse to a point are physically impossible—they must be “imaginary.” So for the first time in history, a theory of what doesn’t exist is successfully predicting what does—but how can the unreal predict the real?

Quantum realism is the opposite view—that the quantum world is real and is creating the physical world as a virtual reality. Quantum mechanics thus predicts physical mechanics because it causes them. Physics saying that quantum states don’t exist is like the Wizard of Oz telling Dorothy, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Quantum realism isn’t The Matrix, where the other world making ours was also physical. Nor is it a brain-in-a-vat idea, as this virtuality was in play long before humans came along. Nor is it that a phantom other world modifies ours—our physical world is the phantom. In physical realism, the quantum world is impossible, but in quantum realism the physical world is impossible—unless it is a virtual reality—as these examples demonstrate.

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