11 Questions Challenging SB277 Forced Vaccinations in California
A doctor does injection child vaccination baby

A doctor does injection child vaccination baby

Signed by Governor Jerry Brown, the recent implementation of SB277 making vaccinations mandatory law in California for men, women and children regardless of belief has indeed fueled much controversy and acrimonious opposition accusing the US state of unconstitutional medical fascism. Vaccinations in public and private schools will be mandatory, but those homeschooling will be exempt. Other exemptions will be for those having a medical condition that justifies waiving vaccinations as backed and signed by a doctor.

It has been said that the decision to enforce vaccinations in California will follow on with other states and could turn into a world-wide law…. In his statement Governor Brown said: The science is clear that vaccines dramatically protect children against a number of infectious diseases… While it’s true that no medical intervention is without risk, the evidence shows that immunization powerfully benefits and protects the community….In view of the above here are my 11 questions challenging the SB277  forced vaccinations bill.

#1. The outright claim that vaccines are highly effective cannot be made. Given that non-pharmaceutical funded scientific evidence is hard to come by, where in this respect are the controlled studies using double blind, placebos… etc. in support of vaccines’ effectiveness, or for that matter that they really work?

#2. Pharmaceutical companies are notorious for corporate-sponsored bad science and studies on vaccines have been no exception. Further, there have been cases of routinely faking test results to get FDA approval on ineffective vaccines. So my question is how can anyone trust the claims of the medical/pharmaceutical establishment on vaccines?

#3. As well as funding vaccine studies and paying off politicians through campaign donations, pharmaceutical companies are also well known for giving billions to mainstream media corporations for biased coverage. Surely, this indicates that money is way stronger than truth?

#4. By the time a child reaches 6 years old he/she would have received some 25 vaccinations. This is a dangerous practice considering the health risk on an underdeveloped immune system when the adjuvants (vaccine ingredients) contain such toxic nasties like dead fetal cells, carboxylic acid, formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, monkey kidney… etc., and the evidence shows that some children have suffered serious illness or even death as a consequence. Doesn’t this expose the awful truth that the medical/pharmaceutical establishment are more interested in profits than the real welfare concern of people?

#5. What about those who will now be at a much higher risk of serious illness having genetic mutations that make it more difficult to detoxify the toxic onslaught brought on by vaccines?

#6. Influenced and controlled the politicians have been known to be in the pockets of the medical/pharmaceutical establishment as they typically serve corporate interests above the concerns of We The People. So how can we trust our politicians when it comes being objective and making balanced judgements?

#7. Above all, isn’t the biggest objection about SB277 the forthright assertion that no one should have the right to force vaccinations on any man, woman or child?

#8. Where is the discernment, medical ethics and compassion in all this?

#9. Will the SB277 law now be used as a platform for false flag attacks, using phoney diseases with all the usual propaganda, fear mongering and panic designed to enforce vaccinations where there will be stacks of money made from vaccines?

#10. People of California, are you going to take a stand against this?