The Prison State of America – Chris Hedges ( Dare I say it? We are Awesome, Indeed!)

Prisons employ and exploit the ideal worker. Prisoners do not receive benefits or pensions. They are not paid overtime. They are forbidden to organize and strike. They must show up on time. They are n

Ferguson Snowden, Hands Up, Hands Down, Discovered Lies and Unveiled Government Deceptions Nothing has Changed & Nothing Will, Except it Will Get Worse

It will never change through the existing political system. American democracy as we thought we knew it is dead. It has been moving towards this end for several generations. This is the bad news, in f

Knowledge is Power–Power Corrupts–Total Knowledge is Totally Corrupting–The NSA, CIA and those in Control of the Surveillance State have become Irredeemably Corrupted

The Corporate Security State is tipping the balance between the self-interest of a governing corporate elite and the rights of the rest of us to freedom, privacy, safety, and fairness. We can see the

Now this is most certainly awesome!!!!!! Obama Imposed 75,000 Pages of New Regulations in 2014 (Thank God, how did we ever live without them?)

Actually, in its essence, democracy is a totalitarian ideology, though not as extreme as Nazism, fascism or communism. In principle, no freedom is  sacred in a democracy, every aspect of the individu

Police Choke, Slam Bystander For Filming Arrest With Cell Phone-Mint Press ( What can one say? But Awesome!)

A man was recently body slammed by cops who said he had no right to film the police. Now investigators are scrutinizing the incident, and so far, they seem to confirm the man’s account. It’s somew

California SB 967 Supporters Ignore Due Process Concerns | FIRE ( Afraid to exist, all men remained inside till death–Awesome is as Awesome does)

All the world is a stage, again. Thus the frantic spinning and spinning of relentless simulacra, fatal strategies, viruses, contagions—a “wilderness of mirrors”, to quote Eliot. ==Empire of Chao

Feminism’s Latest Absurd Cause: Manspreading ( Now, this has got to be Awesome! Awesomely absurd)

Gag me with a spoon!  If they didn’t wield so much influence, the radical feminism popular amongst bloggers, college liberals, and hipsters would be good for a regular belly laugh. Each new cause i

Is The “Dear One” The Innocent One? Stupid is as Stupid Does ( Awesome, Right?)

Now this would make for a great movie (certainly better than “The Interview”). Here’s the plot. A reportedly awful movie is produced by Sony with little expected success. Then the company is hac

The Rutherford Institute :: ‘You’re Either a Cop or Little People’: The American Police State in 2014-( Damn are we Awesome!)

“You’re either a cop or little people.”—Police captain Harry Bryant in Blade Runner For those of us who have managed to survive 2014 with our lives intact and our freedoms hanging by a thread,

Goodbye to one of the best years in history -Everything Is Awesome!

Newspapers can seem like a rude intrusion into the Christmas holidays. We celebrate peace, goodwill and family – and then along come the headlines, telling us what’s going wrong in the world. Simo

Obama Sides With Terrorists, Turns on FBI

WASHINGTON – Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., had a succinct analysis of the Obama administration’s latest diplomatic move and how it appeared to conflict with FBI’s own assessment. “The presid

Two Weeks and All is So Wonderful! Is it not?

We are entitled to a government that stays within the confines of the Constitution, and the Constitution was written to keep the government off our backs and out of our homes and away from our telepho

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