2016 Will Be One of The Most Turbulent and Historically Significant in American History

I am now well ensconced for the month of January in a lovely, remote cabin in the Mountains of Noxon, Montana. Next month, I will be in the woods north of Spokane, Washington. I also have solid internet connection and cell phone service, so I expect to get work done as well as to finally get back to writing and sending out more brief missives with what I consider to be important writings of others and events and trends of import. I have months of of ideas and important thoughts to expunge from my vault.

IMG_1726To say that I am bearish on the markets, the global and American economy would be an understatement, but what I cannot stress enough is that there is a far greater risk coming down on this nation and the world in 2016; we are facing the final stages of the collapse of the illusions, myths and false memes supporting the remaining support for government as it exists, civil strife that will make last year look tame, false flags of greater size and scope than any since 9/11 and the final phases of a long-term trend with the likely imposition of a the tyranny of the State.

We have been living through the greatest period of mass delusion in the history of the world; not just on the faux economic expansion and financial market insanity, but on almost every aspect of the once justified, very long ago, ideals that built the basis for the idea of American exceptionalism. America has been living on the fumes of lies, the false elite self-supporting myths and propaganda that have replaced the truth in almost every corner of American thought.

We are  no longer a nation of laws ruled by any resemblance of equitable application, why else is Hillary Clinton still smugly pontificating in her smarmy, pancaked face and not being prosecuted as every other less powerful citizens have been for federal crimes of lesser sorts? Clinton is also a perfect example of the brainwashed, ideologically blinded divisiveness the infects a dumbed down America with absolutely no understanding of the real American history and little to no sense of civitas.

As I have mentioned of the past years, none of this is a completely natural evolution. It has been enhanced and prodded by the power elites over many years in the direction that supports their rule and protects their wealth regardless of the cost to the citizens of America and the world. America has become a genetically modified nation.

Again, I warn: what almost all Americans believe is our national history and our intents on the world stage, past and present, is a lie. The corruption goes far deeper and has been systemic within our government, elected and bureaucratic, and within the halls of our transnational corporations for much, much longer than this administration. I have said this a number of years ago; Obama is nothing more than the “cherry” on the top of a cake that has been baking for generations.

The blood, the domestic and global theft, the lies and falsehoods are now so pervasive that the power structure can never allow an outsider to take the reins of power; never, no matter how this is achieved. The system is unraveling and the time is at hand.

Tyranny is coming. It is already here. Chaos and collapse, for those mentally unprepared, most will not if ever realize the truth, even when the hit the jagged rocks of reality that awaits at the bottom of the pit this nation is falling into. Europe is already almost splattered. 

—I have for years been a big fan of Jim Quinn over at the Burning Platform

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