21st Century Fascism Arrives on Little Cat Feet…

k443U34The money power preys upon the nations in times of peace and conspires against it i times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light on its crimes.

–Abraham Linclon

Despotism has so often been established in the name of liberty that experience should warn us to judge parties by their practices rather than their preachings.

–Raymond Aron, The Opium of the Intellectuals

Indeed, the president under friendly fascism would be as far from personal caesarism as from being a Hirohito-type figurehead. Nor would a president and his political associates extort as much “protection money” from big-business interests as was extracted under Mussolini and Hilter. The Chief Executive would neither ride the tiger nor try to steal its food; rather, he would be part of the tiger from the outset. The White House and the entire Chief Executive network would become the heart (and one of the brain centers) of the new business-government symbiosis. Under these circumstances the normal practices of the Ultra-Rich and the Corporate Overlords would be followed: personal participation in high level business deals and lavish subsidization of political campaigns, both expertly hidden from public view. What would be “abnormal” is a quantitative forward leap toward a business-government government relationship that breaks all precedent in promoting mergers, supporting American-based transnationals abroad, and preventing any serious losses that business might sustain through expropriation abroad, rising wage demands or prolonged strikes at home, changing conditions in markets and technology, recession, inflation, or even managerial errors.

image1328425964_400x400It is no easy task to erect a shield of legitimacy to cloak the illegitimate. Doing so would require the kind of leadership that in emphasizing the long-term interests of Big Business and  the Ultra-Rich would  stand up strongly against any elements that are overly greedy for short-term windfalls. Thus in energy planning, foreign trade, labor relations, and wage-price controls, for example, the friendly fascist White House would from time  to time engage in activities that could be publicly  regarded  as cracking down on business.” While a few recalcitrant corporate  overseers might thus be reluctantly educated, the chief victims would  usually be small or medium-sized enterprises, who would thus be driven more rapidly into bankruptcy or merger. In this sense, conspicuous public leadership would  become  a form of  follower-ship.

–Friendly Fascism, Bertram Gross

Central to my argument here is the dominant role in the modern economic society of the corporation and of the passage of power in that entity from its owners, the stockholders, now more graciously called investors, to the management. Such is the dynamic of corporate life. Management must prevail.

–The Economics of Innocent Fraud: Truth For Our Time (John Kenneth Galbraith)

Robert Dahl posed a question of profound importance for democratic theory and practice: “In a political system where nearly every adult may vote but where knowledge, wealth, social position, access to officials, and other resources are unequally distributed, who actually governs?” 

(This is why the American people have been intentionally dumbed down for not only has wealth and power now been concentrated to an extent never before experienced in this nation, it rules over a population of brainwashed functional illiterates.)

–Unequal Democracy: The Political Economy of the New Gilded Age (Larry M. Bartells)

The following article is long, perhaps too long for an American whose attention span has now succumbed to being considered less than that of a goldfish. However, it is more than worthy of printing out and reading in full. There is little doubt that transnational capital and the power elites of wealth, government and the sponsored think-tanks and loose organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission as well as the IMF, World Bank, OECD and many other transnational capitalist supporting NGO’s and foundations that coalesced following the Second World War, were created to drive the world towards a transnational, one world corporate-capitalist tyranny. However, the foundations of such an end were, in fact, laid by prior generations in London, New York and Washington.

What is going to happen is a planned global economic implosion from which the final stages of the implementation of the American and then the worlds fascist tyranny will spring. The people will, as if on cue, cry out in unison for solutions to the crisis that will make the 2008-09 downdraft look like chicken feed. Those solutions will be imposed, designed like the Patriot Act well prior to the unfolding events. A nation comprised of the state dependent and ignorant mewing like newborns for the succor of the State, will end up getting what they deserve–the boot heals of a police state and the transnationalist capitalist class that commands it.  This is coming, the writing is on the wall and it has been for some time. 

Intentional ignorance by those who still have some semblance of free-will and independence of mind assures the success of the final push to destroy the nation-state that was America and to replace it with the coercive, transnational police State we are becoming. Take the time to read this piece below.

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