America is not what it seems

The purpose of this post is simple. Blind patriotism is a nationalism regardless of truth, irrespective of right and wrong and it is the acceptance of ignorance and slavery. This is not what this nation’s founders expected of an informed, civic minded, proactive citizenry. Most of America has failed to uphold this nation’s founders enlightenment philosophical framework and we have succumbed to accepting our own ignorance, an ignorance aggressively fed by the propaganda machinery of the State. What America has become over many years is not remotely the America most believe it to be and certainly not what the earliest Americans had hoped it would remain. American exceptionalism died well over a hundred years ago. To choose a date, the Spanish American War in 1898 and the true acceptance of the “white man’s burden” and the mantle of empire serves as good as any.

John Kerry in BaghdadWhat this nation and our vassal state allies have done to the Middle East in the name of an empire of greed, corporatism and power is a crime of extraordinary historical proportions. And we clearly are far from finished.

As with Iraq, Libya and everywhere where we have been the destroyer of worlds and the deliver of death, so to we seek to do the same for Syria. The plans were made to destroy Assad and the sectarian, safe and relatively peaceful land that he remains the tentative ruler years ago.  Almost everything you think you know about the country, like it was with Libya, Iraq and even still with Iran, is what the government wants you to know. Take the “you can keep your doctor, if you want your doctor” and all of the other bold faced lies of the Obama administration add them to the hundreds of lies puked into our gaping mouths by the Bush administration and we should have developed a rather deep seated concern about the veracity of everything being said now about ISIS, Assad and the American led war alliances in the Middle East. And of course the same can be said for all things Ukrainian as well.

These are long videos and it is unlikely you will have enough time to watch, listen and ponder them before our erudite, inspiring pontificator of eternal truth erupts in full form on the propaganda boxes in your den, but they are must sees–now or later. Syria was a wonderful (by Middle Eastern standards, far from perfect, far from Utopian), sectarian genital mutilations, no beheadings and no women forced to become virtual slaves. Much as Iraq was before we ended them. All for power, empire and money–nothing humanitarian about it, never is. 

Obama to lay out plan to ‘destroy’ Isis threat as Kerry arrives in Baghdad

get-attachment-4531-587x330Though the exact extent of the anticipated US intervention in Syria remained unclear in the hours leading up to the key speech, White House officials made clear the president planned to pursue a two-pronged strategy on both sides of the border that is likely to build on existing air strikes in Iraq against the group known as Isis or Isil.

“Tonight you will hear from the president how the United States will pursue a comprehensive strategy to degrade and ultimately destroy Isil, including US military action and support for the forces combating Isil on the ground – both the opposition in Syria and a new, inclusive Iraqi government,” said a senior administration official in a statement issued to reporters on Wednesday morning.

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The Long War: US Engagement in the Middle East – The Epoch Times

Thirteen years after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, this was supposed to be a season of relief, with Iraq managing on its own and most U.S. troops finally ending their combat duty in Afghanistan. Instead, Americans are bracing for another upsurge of military engagement in a region where one war blurs into another. Across the world, a generation has now grown up amid this continuous conflict, and there’s no end in sight.

“The Cold War took 45 years,” said Elliott Abrams, a longtime diplomat who was top Middle East adviser to President George W. Bush. “It’s certainly plausible that this could be the same. … It’s harder to see how this ends.”

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Of course, the State in perpetual war does not wish it to end. Below is another must watch and ponder video.

via The Long War: US Engagement in the Middle East – The Epoch Times.

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