38 Ways College Students Enjoy ‘Left-Wing Privilege’ on Campus

Professor G. Stanley Hall, a leading progressive educator and mentor to John Dewey, who wrote in defense of illiteracy in 1911: Very many men have lived and died and been great, even the leaders of their age, without any acquaintance with letters. The knowledge which illiterates acquire is probably on the whole more personal, direct, environmental and probably a much larger proportion of it practical. Moreover, they escape much eye-strain and mental excitement, and, other things being equal, are probably more active and less sedentary…. Perhaps we are prone to put too high a value both upon the ability required to attain this art and the discipline involved in doing so, as well as the culture value that comes to the citizen with his average of only six grades of schooling by the acquisition of this art.

And seventy years later, in 1981, we find Harvard professor Anthony Oettinger asking an audience of communications executives, “Do we really have to have everybody literate – writing and reading in the traditional sense – when we have the means through our technology to achieve a new flowering of oral communication?”

Socialist Dewey wrote in his famous My Pedogogic Creed:

I believe that the individual who is to be educated is a social individual and that society is an organic union of individuals…. Examinations are of use only so far as they test the child’s fitness for social life and reveal the place in which he can be of most service and where he can receive the most help.” Inherent in Dewey’s creed is the notion that individual human worth is determined by social usefulness, a concept taught today in such values-clarification exercises as the lifeboat and fallout shelter survival games.

==Crimes of the Educators -Blumenfeld, Samuel

Dewey was, in essence, a Fabian socialist as he knew that his vision would take generations to be fulfilled. But fulfilled it has become and the “father” of modern, post-modern and collectivist State run education in America is smiling all the way from hell. Dewey is a god amongst the educational set, but few, very few have likely ever bothered to read his actual words. Of course, they may find his socialist collectivist thoughts joyous reading, but actually writing about the needs for American education to create obedient, docile and dumb citizens hopefully might stir some doubts in a few of today’s PC, progressive fascist educators.

The destruction of the American mind in the production line of PC, dumbed down, brainless but obedient slaves to the collectivist mantra of the propaganda machinery of the State, funded and supported by the fascist elites, their foundations and corporate grants, will assure America of many generations of zombies, all as planned. At least they will be libertine socialists, ignorant but smiling!

‘I can take classes and earn degrees in departments that are designed to line up exactly with my worldview’

While the marginalization of right-wing thinkers on campus in no way compares to the experience of black Americans throughout history, it might behoove left-wingers on college campuses to think about the various privileges from which they benefit simply by being members of the overwhelmingly dominant group in their academic communities.

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Source: 38 Ways College Students Enjoy ‘Left-Wing Privilege’ on Campus

Coming soon to a school yard near you! Is it not all about pleasure anyway, pleasure for the dumbed down proletariat masses. Does it not keep them smiling as they slave away for the collective good and extraordinary wealth of the transnational capitalist class? Pleasure and Victory Gin, damn it, that’s all they need! 

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – The progressive moment is very international in nature. That means radical overseas trends are bound to find their way to the U.S., if they haven’t already.

In New Zealand, progressives in the sex education field are urging schools to include lessons about giving sexual pleasure in their high school sex ed curricula. As Fairfax Media put it in a news report, “Sexual health agency Family Planning says school pupils should be taught about pleasure zones in sex education.”That’s right. At a recent conference called “Taming Terrifying Topics,” officials from the agency complained that current sex education in school – based on concepts like avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases – stresses far too many “negative findings,” the news story said.Instead they believe students should be taught how to be good lovers. They suggested one classroom exercise that involves students “shading erogenous zones on a human outline” and “brainstorming elements of a positive sexual experience.

”It’s scary to imagine what these people might suggest for a final exam, to determine if students had learned their lessons.But apparently there are some modest, traditional school administrators in New Zealand, just like there are in the U.S. Several school principals told Stuff.co.nz that they were uncomfortable with turning sex education into blatant sex lessons.Nic Hill, principal of Christchurch Boys High School, said he was quite sure his teachers would not want to “get into techniques” as part of the sex ed curriculum.“I don’t think it was ever intended that these things be discussed,” said Phil Holstein, principal of Burnside High School.

So the debate rages on in New Zealand. Could it be coming to a school near you?

Source: Activists push schools to teach students about ‘pleasure zones’ in sex ed – EAGnews.org

Porgy would agree! He is one of the leaders of tomorrow!