7 Emails Show FDIC Officials Scheming to Target Businesses & Senator ridicules Obama for not signing amnesty order

I have lumped these two distinct issues together not simply as a convenience, but because I ask this: Is there no decency? Is there no honor left in Washington? “My decency is bleeding red and everything is grey in my head.”

Well, I hope that woke you up a bit, but when is this nation going to awaken to the real perils we face, not just the ones the media and elites are taking advantage of today to occupy our increasingly emasculated minds?

none-dare-call-it-treasonSenior officials at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation actively sought to crack down on legal businesses that the Obama administration – or the officials themselves – deemed morally objectionable, a new congressional report finds.

Released today by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the 20-page investigative report details how the FDIC worked closely with the Justice Department to implement Operation Choke Point, a secretive program that seeks to cut off the financial lifeblood of payday lenders and other industries the administration doesn’t like.

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via 7 Emails Show FDIC Officials Scheming to Target Businesses.

WASHINGTON – Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., a leading opponent of President Obama’s move to provide amnesty for up to 5 million illegal immobama_wimp_newsweek_not_romney2 (1)igrants, expressed astonishment Monday and ridiculed the administration for not carrying out the action through an executive order.

In remarks made at the Washington office of the government-watchdog group Judicial Watch, Sessions said: “I guess they just whispered in the ear of (DHS Director) Jeh Johnson over at Homeland Security, ‘Just put out a memo. That way we don’t have to enforce the law.’”

The news that Obama had not signed an executive order to carry out the policy he announced to the nation in a televised address Nov. 20 was broken by WND Senior Staff Writer Jerome Corsi last week.

As a result of the president’s use of a memo instead of an official order, the senator observed: “We don’t even have a really significant, direct, legal direction that we can ascertain, precisely what the president is doing. It’s a stunning event in my view.”

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Senator ridicules Obama for not signing amnesty order.