A FEW THOUGHTS and A Lot More to Follow– The Doomsday Clock is Ticking in Many More Ways Than For Total War

The lunatic is in my head / The lunatic is in my head You raise the blade / you make the change You re-arrange me ’til I’m sane. You lock the door / And throw away the key There’s someone in my head but it’s not me —– Pink Floyd, Brain Damage Let’s talk

I have a  rather substantive backlog of things I want to say and items that should be read, so over the next few days please accept my apologies if I clog up your email servers. Most will likely simply push the delete button, some will read some of the information and my observations on and descriptions of a reality that is unsettling at best, but truly scary if you can find even a modicum of truth within them. Of course, prior to the vast majority of American’s taking a deep toke on the opiate pipe that is the corporate propagandized, commercial extravaganza of the Super Bowl, our collective minds and national soul will be more concerned with the availability of the Velveeta for the Nachos dip than collapsing American Empire and the financial, economic and geopolitical destruction that we are already well down the path of undergoing.

There is a very dark abyss ahead of America and the world and if any civilization is to reemerge from this historically inevitable evolutionary pit, it may be a bit of a miracle. Our only true hope is for more of us to attempt to pull back the heavy curtains of propaganda, lies and false myths that have been fogging our minds since birth. We have lost control of our own selves, our individuality and conception of reality has been manipulated from almost our first cry from the womb.

Most of us will never understand what is true and what is lie, unfortunately, as in the extraordinarily prescient and illustrative movie the Matrix we remain content to live within the illusion, or as Cypher chose to return to it, as the reality we face is one that is difficult to digest, if not systemically shocking to the sedated, lobotomized grey matter sitting within our skulls that creates our mind. Unfortunately, the shock of reality when the Toto finally pulls the curtain back for most of us, will, in and of itself be cause of mass heart failure. Ignorance may, in fact, be bliss, but only until reality devours you.

Our financial markets are totally rigged and anyone thinking like a Chuck Prince that you are so astute and nimble to be able to grab one of the few last seats 006_chuck_princebefore the music stops may the force be with you. For those of you who are too young to remember the early stages of the current unfinished financial and economic collapse, Chuck was the one time Chairman/CEO of Citigroup whose hubris seemed to know no bounds until he prophetically announced he would be one of those sitting, but soon was out of a job. Yet, even then, in mid year of 2007 few saw the inevitability of the coming collapse, most of all those whose words and actions were trumpeted by the media as the all powerful financial leaders whose deft hands we could always be sure would catch the falling knife. This time, it will indeed be different. This time there will be no one able to sit down and comfortably watch the destruction of the mirage of paper wealth nor avoid the socioeconomic chaos that is certainly going to engulf us all.

  • Bank+Sand+AvalancheDeflation is erupting around the globe and it will overwhelm all traditional monetary responses. If, and when, the Federal Reserve decides to open consumer banking branch offices on the street corners of American cities with 50 year balloon payment loans for all, the leveraged system that is finance capitalism will implode through accelerating defaults and paralyzing wealth destruction.
  • As the American and global financial system implodes, social eruption will follow and the legitimacy of all governments, certainly those under the protection and guidance of the American Empire will be destroyed– a process that only the willfully blind or mentally challenged have not been able to see happening over the past decades at an accelerating pace.
  • The natural response to the loss of legitimacy and the erupting chaos will be for governments to seek ever greater powers and centralized control, leading to an overt tyranny of totalitarian proportions. We already have in place in America what Sheldon Wolin calls “inverted totalitarianism”, but as the centripetal forces of concentrated power within the empire’s capital continue, it is very, very likely that the perceived need for control and status protection will overwhelm even the current pretenses of constitutional and democratic restraint and a full blown police state will arrive.
  • Of course, for those who understand chaos theory, the process of utilizing anachronistic tools and methodologies in attempts to bring order to the natural cathartic evolutionary processes of dynamic, complex adaptive systems in transitional phase is the exact opposite of what is called for and will only exacerbate the violence of the process.
  • Ouroboros (1)We are now dealing with a hyper-critical state socioeconomic and geopolitical system and although the universally visible manifestations of collapse may not yet be apparent to all or even to all but a limited global few, at any moment the last grain of sand needed to cause to total avalanche of systemic globalized financial and societal collapse could fall..if it has not already.
  • There will be war. Likely, at first, a number of smaller ones–call them preludes. From the Middle East to the Baltic’s and Ukraine the machinery of war, the propaganda that supports it and the profits that drive it all have been running at an ever accelerating pace.
  • If you believe anything that the American Empire and its media toddies say or have said about ISIS, the Ukraine and Russia or any other potential “hot spot” of potential military actions, you are blind to the overwhelming evidence of our governments duplicity in generating wars–from the Lusitania, Korea, the Gulf of Tonkin, Bosnia, 9/11, Iraqi WMD, Syria, Libya, Iraq again and now the Ukraine and Russia the American Fascist, Crony-Capitalist Empire has spun a web of lies and propaganda that the vast majority of Americans refuse to either acknowledge or even care to know truth.
  • All empires die, ours is dying rapidly and its death throes will likely engulf the world in flames. For most of us, everything we think we know is a lie. America was once what we think of it now, but that reality died well over 100 years ago. And now we have only the fraying myths and they too are being shredded by the ugly reality of what this nation has become.
  • Do the research. Do not allow yourselves to be so controlled and manipulated that your think the thoughts in your brain are really yours.

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