A renewed nationalism is stalking Europe – Not To Be Feared, But Embraced In A New Way

Patriotism yielded to globalism. Our old cherished independence was to be set aside for a new and higher “interdependence.” All nations must now engage in the mutual sacrifice of sovereignty to create the New World Economic Order.

usa_flag_-_dollars_blood_barbed_wireMost powerfully and prominently, the forces working for an end to American sovereignty and independence are the transnational corporations that make up fifty of the world’s hundred largest economic entities. Their agenda? They intend to create a new world where capital, goods, and people all move freely across borders. Indeed, national borders disappear. They seek the “deep integration” of the United States, Mexico, and Canada in a North American Union modeled on the EU, tied together by superhighways and railways where crossing from Mexico into the United States will be like crossing from Virginia into Maryland. They are about the merger of nations into transnational entities and, ultimately, a world in which national sovereignty and national identity disappear.

Their agenda is about globalism, and it is about greed. Radix omnium malorum est amor pecuniae. Love of money is the root of all evil. The last obstacle standing in the way of the brave new world of the transnationals is the American people’s will to preserve the free, independent, sovereign, self-sufficient republic they inherited from their fathers and wish to hand down to their children. And they must fight on, for, as Euripides said, “There is no greater sorrow on earth, than the loss of one’s native land.”

==Day of Reckoning: How Hubris, Ideology, and Greed Are Tearing America Apart (Buchanan, Patrick J.)

Not only have the cultural institutions of the West been captured, so, also, have the major corporate centers of power. And just as globalism is the antithesis of patriotism, the transnational corporation is a natural antagonist of tradition. With its adaptability and amorality, it has no roots; it can operate in any system. With efficiency its ruling principle, it has no loyalty to workers and no allegiance to any nation. With share price and stock options its reasons for being, it will sacrifice everything and everyone on the altar of profit. The global capitalist and the true conservative are Cain and Abel. But the growing power of global capitalism cannot be denied.

=The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization (Buchanan, Patrick)

patriotismIt is a race now; a race between the new nationalism, which is a cultural and civilizational nationalism that rejects the choke hold of statist bureaucrats in Brussels and the transnationalist elites and the global Corptocracy that own them. It is not about lebensraum, it is not about conquest in the pre-1945 terms.It is not about the older sense of the word either. It is about the reconquest of historically unique and shared mutual cultural national heritages from the transnationalist, one world government, power hungry elites whose domain is devoid of the vibrancy and freedoms of the nations from which they sprang.

Nationalism is not imperialism, however what is bubbling up within the power structures of the EU is beginning to look a lot like imperialism, as expanding military and foreign interference directly or through NATO is increasingly part of the vision. No increasingly centralized, powerful and increasingly undemocratic Administrative State is immune from imperial urges, perhaps significantly more so than today’s modern nation-states.

Nationalism today; is the force giving sustenance to deep democratic urges and the needs of a people for cohesive community based on shared heritage, language and culture, it  is the energy for reclaiming the nation-states that have been sacrificed almost entirely on the false idols of corporate greed and finance, as if there is nothing else more important. It is not about just being anti the other or their cultures,  it is about pride in national uniqueness  It is about retaking the soul of civilizations that deserve to be independent and not some homogenized, blended and coagulated schlerotic mass subjegated by the distant minions of overpaid, unaccountable bureaucrats. Is life all about economics?

denkmal1-230x300Is life to be a soulless routine of drudgery and enslavement under the thumbs of transnational corporations who have absolutely zero respect or interest in the individual human beings that comprise the communities, the faiths, literature and all of the great cultural heights achieved over the decades by the peoples of Europe? These are the goals of the globalist corporate technocratic elites that have carried their vision forward for a system of permanent control, without being subject to the will of the people of smaller, more engaged communities of people with shared values,language and cultural heritage.

The bigger the block to be dominated; the greater the need for tyranny, the greater the need for a total surveillance police state and the snuffing out of national patriotism and of individual freedoms. This is the vision of the deep inner sanctums of the power elites in Europe and America and it is a vision of a dystopian future. It is a vision that nationalism must arise and shatter in a thousand pieces. Yes, there are obvious risks, but freedom is not risk free. 

Nationalism is one of modern Europe’s strongest traditions, but it fell into disrepute after the second world war. Amid the avalanche of crises that have struck the EU over the past decade, of which Britain’s vote to leave the bloc is the latest example, nationalism is making a reappearance.

It takes a different form from the nationalism born in the 1789 French Revolution and buried in 1945. Today’s political and economic conditions are a world apart from those of 19th-century Europe, when many people’s rising to national consciousness had no state of their own. They are a world apart, too, from the 1918-1939 age of ideological extremes — fascism and communism — and severe economic hardship.

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