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“There is no single moment, no neat separation of physical reality that signals the end of one epoch and the beginning of another, much less on the affected everyone everywhere at the same time and in the same way. Even when we are aware of its presence, historic change is never welcomed. Its message is ignored, distorted, rationalized and rejected. For the time being, it may be harmless to behave as though the United States were impervious to the process of historic change. At some point, however, the future will invade America too. Like the rest of the world, we will then have to accept the reality from which the circumstances of our national origins and the fortuitous accident of our geography have distanced us that we are also being swept up in the movement of historical time. Rather than have the world conform to the United States, the United States will have to conform to the world”

————-Beyond Progress, Hugh DeSantis

There is no absurdity so palpable but that it may be firmly planted in the human head if you only begin to inculcate it before the age of five, by constantly repeating it with an air of great solemnity.” – 

—–Arthur Schopenhauer

The Invasion (Taki’s always irreverent and non-PC!)

fencejumpersThe current surge of Central American children and mothers across the border has made a travesty of the schmaltzy arguments long employed to rationalize the government’s winking at illegal immigration.

George W. Bush famously assured us that we shouldn’t worry about illegal aliens because “Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande River [sic].” Yet we are now witnessing the extreme cynicism of Central Americans dispatching their unaccompanied children and nursing mothers across the drug war zone of northern Mexico to exploit the talk of amnesty among American leaders.

Similarly, we’ve been told that illegal aliens do the jobs that Americans won’t do, but what job are these children going to do? Chimney sweep?

A Central American mother, baby in one arm, told a TV news crew in Murietta, CA—where for the first time in years American citizens have dared to take a stand against the exploitation of themselves—that women like her were flocking across the border because “We can’t have children in our country.” But how much work that Americans just won’t do are they going to do here while having more babies?

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Obama’s Massive Illegal Alien Invasion | RSN Pick of the Day |

On January 29 the Obama administration posted a notice for “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children” on FedBizOpps.gov. At that time the estimate was for 65,000 children and the escorts were needed to help the children being transported to “Refugee Resettlement shelters located throughout the continental United States.”

Calling the orchestrated deluge of aliens invading the nation “refugees” simply obscures the fact that all are engaged in illegal entry; a crime the last time I checked. How many are actually children and how many are much older is unknown, but we do know that many are bringing with them diseases that can spread to the general population and others are arriving with criminal intent. The children are merely pawns.

The question that has yet to have been answered is how did the Obama administration know in January that the “children” would be arriving later in the year?

What Americans are witnessing is a planned illegal alien invasion of the nation, orchestrated by Obama.

It is one more piece of the puzzle that adds up to the deliberate destruction of the economy; one in which the financial crisis of 2008 has been allowed to become an ongoing recession with massive unemployment and, now, rising inflation. Presidents prior to Obama, Reagan and Kennedy to name two, encountered recessions and took well known steps to reverse and end them.

The illegal alien invasion is just the latest element of what has been a deliberate Obama policy to ensure that as many illegal aliens as possible can get into the nation and add to the burden of various programs to aid them. The political reason for this is that they will constitute more Democrats, but they would have to be legal to vote and the refusal of the Republican Party to embrace amnesty has kept that from happening.

The illegal alien invasion is taking a toll on Obama’s job approval rankings. On June 20, Gallup’s latest poll found that “Americans’ approval of President Barack Obama’s handling of immigration has dropped to 31%, one of the lowest readings since 2010, when Gallup began polling on his handling of the issue. Meanwhile, two out of three Americans (65%) disapprove of his handling of immigration.

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Some of the illegal immigrants surging across the U.S. border from Central America and creating a growing humanitarian crisis may be wearing tennis shoes emblazoned with images in praise of PObama-shoes-3resident Barack Obama, according to Dennis Michael Lynch at his website, DLM Daily.

“I’ve received two sets of photos from two contacts at the border,” Lynch explains. “I cannot validate the authenticity of the pictures. But I can say the agents who sent these to
me is among a handful of agents who have sent me accurate information over the past few months.”

The agent works at a processing center in South Texas that is managing the massive inflow of illegal immigrants, Lynch says.

“For people who may think this is a fake picture, notice the shoe laces. We make everyone remove their laces,” Lynch’s unidentified contact said.

It’s not clear who would have distributed the shoes.

via Are Illegal Immigrants Wearing Obama Shoes Now? IMAGES | The Daily Caller.