A Well Known Anti-American Empire (emphasis on the empire) Historian Understands the Islamic Threat

We live at a time when the growing catastrophes that face Americans and the rest of the globe are increasingly matched by the accumulation of power by the rich and financial elite. Their fear of democracy is now strengthened by the financial, political and corporate elite’s intensive efforts to normalize their own power and silence those who hold them accountable. For many, we live in a time of utter despair. But resistance is not only possible, it may be more necessary now than at any other time in America’s past,

==Because We Say So  (Chomsky, Noam)

Let peace be sought through war– Oliver Cromwell

I have been a big fan of William Blum for some years now and strongly recommend his books and monthly missives to all. His note today is powerful, perhaps less for what it says, but for the fact that this is a man who has stood in opposition to the foreign interventionism and the militarism of the American Empire and its vassals in the EU and NATO with loud and well documented voice, but now, clearly understanding the threat that radical Islam represents to all of Western Civilization, asks for a war-a war to preserve our civilization. Despite its many failings, primarily driven by the evils that accrue from the pursuit of empire, Western Civilization must fight back against an Islamist threat that is being absurdly underestimated by the PC indoctrinated left.

late1984Of course, there is also the rather unfortunate belief on my part that, there is a damn good chance that this is all part of the plan of the PC meme machinery of the transnational corporate fascism of the One World Government elites. Is it not possible that radical Islam is one of those terrific and horrific crises that can never be allowed to go to waste? That this new enemy has been fed and enhanced by the Western military industrial complex and the corporate and technocratic elites that have been utilizing the threat of terror and Islamic propagated terror to enhance their wealth, power and control over the territories they seek to dominate, is not only a possibility, but highly likely. Tyranny and totalitarian systems demands only two things, external and internal threat, to justify the destruction of democracy and individual freedom.

images always at warIsis’s Sunni Islamic Caliphate appears to have failed, so the hidden state, controlled by the true power elites, has found a new state to imbue with Islamic radicalism, a State that could more easily expand and survive, one that the West can utilize as the new enemy: Erdogan’s Turkey.

We have always been at war, if not with Eastasia then Eurasia!! 

Warning!  What follows is very politically incorrect.

Is Nice the last straw for you? 

The last victims before you call it by its proper name: radical Islamic terrorism? 

French Prime Minister Hollande was quick to point out that it was a “terrorist attack”, but not a radical Islamic attack.  Oh?  When the perpetrator is a Muslim named Mohammed, as in this case, and the victims are celebrating an iconic Western holiday, why the reluctance to use the latter term?  President Obama’s preference is “violent extremists”.

The left is the worst when it comes to political correctness.  Here is the very progressive Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), criticizing the New York Times for labeling the mass-murder truck attack in Nice “terrorist” … “despite admitting that it had no knowledge of the presumed killer’s motives.”

In a recent article I criticized President Obama for saying that ISIS “has nothing to do with Islam”.  This, I stated, is standard political correctness which ignores the indisputable role played by Islam in inspiring Orlando and Long Beach and Paris and Ankara and other massacres; it is the religion that teaches the beauty and godliness of jihad and the heavenly rewards for suicide bombings.

I have received several letters of rebuke for these thoughts which mainly argued two points:

You can’t condemn an entire religion or other ideology for the actions or the statements of a few “psychologically deranged individuals”.

The West has behaved just as terroristic, but no Western religion has been condemned at all in the same manner.

The Islamic teachings I refer to are not necessarily explicitly mentioned in the Koran or any other sacred texts, nor have any connection to actual historical events of the 7th through the 21st centuries, but rather are an embedded part of the atmosphere surrounding a young person growing up in a Muslim culture or environment.  This atmosphere, this education, this culture must be severely curtailed.  The West must oversee the classes in Islamic schools in France, the UK, the US, et al; and particularly Pakistan if feasible.  Even if it means sending in spies to the classes, outfitted with recording devices.  The teachers of these classes, if they have had any connection at all to anything smacking of radical Islam, should not be hired; if already hired, should be fired.

The same should apply to imams and other officials of mosques.

We are sometimes told that the perpetrator of some horrible terrorist act was not even religious or never attended a mosque.  This appears to be irrelevant if the person has been raised in the kind of atmosphere referred to above.

If defenders of Islam really believe that the terrorists are just a tiny group of “psychologically deranged individuals” they shouldn’t object to this purging of them.  They should be as happy to be rid of them — and the ignominy and shame they bring upon Islam — as the West would be to rid the world of their influence.

As to the West having behaved just as horribly, just as terroristic, without any Western religion having been condemned in the same manner … I do not need to be taught about terrible Western behavior.  I’ve literally written the book on the subject; five books to be exact. And I have called for the imprisonment of numerous American mass murderers, torturers and war criminals, from Harry Truman and Richard Nixon to George W. Bush and Barack Obama. 

Every culture of course indoctrinates its young and I would further ban the teaching of the American state religion that inspires young men and women to travel halfway round the world to torture and kill complete strangers who have done them no harm; a religion known as “American exceptionalism”.

US and French foreign policy provide ample reasons for the hatred of their governments, but as awful as these governments have been, they have not sought to destroy modern civilization.  They have not routinely, fiendishly and joyfully engaged in beheading people, playing soccer with their heads, hacking people to death with machetes, sternly banning alcohol, music, gays, sex, covering up women’s faces, destroying ancient monuments, forcibly imposing religious law, and on and on including the worst of all: repeated suicide bombings and suicide attacks such as in Nice.

The vast majority of radical Islamic terrorism’s victims have been civilians who had nothing to do with US or French foreign policy.

And last week at a high-school graduation in Germany an Islamic student refused to shake the hand of a teacher handing out diplomas.  Why?  The teacher was a woman.  (The Independent, London, July 13, 2016)

It should be further kept in mind that, unlike the Islamic State, the Western powers can be, and have on many occasions been, embarrassed; they have some constituencies to cater to; ISIS is not a member of the United Nations, human-rights groups or anything else, and doesn’t run for office.  They behave like creatures from outer space and are convinced that God/Allah is on their side.  American leaders, such as George W. Bush, have stated the same on occasion but they don’t really act on this in any meaningful, lasting manner, and wouldn’t get away with it if they did.

Yes, I of course know all about Hiroshima and Indochina and Iraq.  The fact that no American leader has been punished for any of this does not reduce the need to destroy ISIS.

It may come down to this: A video released by ISIS following recent terrorist attacks in Bangladesh declared: “What you witnessed in Bangladesh was a glimpse.  This will repeat, repeat and repeat until you lose and we win and the sharia is established throughout the world.”(Washington Post, July 8, 2016) In combatting such an obsessed and maniacal force, the West can not afford to be held back by political correctness.

William Blum, Anti-empire report

roguestate_300_460_c1Blum left the State Department in 1967 and became a founder and editor of the Washington Free Press, the first “alternative” newspaper in the capital. In 1969, he wrote and published an exposé of the CIA in which were revealed the names and addresses of more than 200 CIA employees. He has worked as freelance journalist in the United States, Europe and South America. In 1972–1973 Blum worked as a journalist in Chile where he reported on the Allende government’s “socialist experiment”. In the mid-1970s, he worked in London with ex-CIA officer Philip Agee and his associates “on their project of exposing CIA personnel and their misdeeds”.[2] He supports himself with his writing and speaking engagements on college campuses.

In his books and online columns, Blum devotes substantial attention to CIA interventions and assassination plots. Noam Chomsky has called Blum’s book on the CIA, “far and away the best book on the topic.” He has supported Ralph Nader‘s presidential campaigns. He circulates a monthly newsletter by email called “The Anti-Empire Report”. Blum has described his life’s mission as: “If not ending, at least slowing down the American Empire. At least injuring the beast. It’s causing so much suffering around the world”==Wikipedia