ABC News: ‘Clinton Cash’ Contains ‘Very Serious Journalism’ & Corruption Is The Clinton’s Game

ClintonBookCover800This woman should be tried for treason along with everything else. Is there a point where the American people, all of them, finally say enough? Is there a point where the evidence is so overwhelming against this evil bitch of a quasi woman and her pedophile husband-in-name-only that even the most corrupt Justice Department this nation has ever suffered under finally realizes the game is up and moves to prosecute. Unfortunately, half the nation has been totally brainwashed and insured to the lies, corruption and total evil that is Hillary Clinton, and the corrupt are in so deep that they can only continue to march towards the completed destruction of what is left of American justice in the hopes of avoiding prison. So, the answer may be no, we are beyond redemption. 

In the latest episode of the “Powerhouse Politics” podcast, ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl and ABC News political director Rick Klein interviewed Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large and New York Times bestselling author of Clinton Cash Peter Schweizer.

Karl introduced Schweizer as “the guy who has studied the Clinton Foundation and all it’s tentacles about as closely as anybody … and has done very serious journalism.”

Asked if he’s seen anything new, given the near-daily revelations about the Clintons and their corrupt charity, Schweizer said, “I think what the emails show is what I talked about in Clinton Cash, which is that people around the world — oligarchs in Africa, or in South America, or in Russian — were not just throwing money at the Clinton Foundation out of the kindness of their hearts. They were expecting something in return. And that something in return was access, and I think favors.”

“There’s not going to be an email that says, ‘Do this and I’ll give you the money,’ but I do think that the emails indicate that oligarchs went to the Clinton Foundation and they didn’t go through official [State Department] channels because they thought they could get to a higher level more quickly at the State Department to decision makers that matter to them,” Schweizer said.

What the Clinton Foundation did was create a conduit whereby a foreign entity who cannot donate to a campaign, and get access that way, could donate to the Clinton Foundation,” he added.

A new report from the Schweizer-led watchdog group Government Accountability Institute, the author says, “has the hallmarks” of corruption “where you see a high concentration of the participants in [Skolkovo] being Clinton Foundation donors, both on the Russian and on the U.S. side. Which I think also begs the question of ‘why is there this high level of correlation between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department?’ and I think it is precisely because there was a pay-to-play culture.


          Source: ABC News: ‘Clinton Cash’ Contains ‘Very Serious Journalism’

    FROM RUSSIA WITH MONEY Hillary Clinton, the Russian Reset, and Cronyism

A major technology transfer component of the Russian reset overseen by Hillary Clinton substantially enhanced the Russian military’s technological capabilities, according to both the FBI and the U.S. Army.

Russian government officials and American corporations participated in the technology transfer project overseen by Hillary Clinton’s State Department that funnelled tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

A Putin-connected Russian government fund transferred $35 million to a small company with Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta on its executive board, which included senior Russian officials.

John Podesta failed to reveal, as required by law on his federal financial disclosures, his membership on the board of this offshore company.

Podesta also headed up a think tank which wrote favorably about the Russian reset while apparently receiving millions from Kremlin-linked Russian oligarchs via an offshore LLC.

In short, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and coordinator of the Bilateral Commission would be at the center of U.S. decision-making. Hillary Clinton was deeply engaged in fostering U.S. ties to Russia. In addition to four major visits to Russia itself, Secretary Clinton communicated numerous other times with foreign minister Lavrov and other officials.

It should also be pointed out that Bill Clinton met with Vladimir Putin on at least two occasions in 2009 and 2010.11 According to Hillary Clinton’s emails released by the State Department, she sent or received at least 894 emails that include the term “Russia” during her tenure as Secretary of State.

A major part of this technological cooperation included Russian plans to create its own version of Silicon Valley. The research facility, on the outskirts Moscow, was dubbed “Skolkovo” and would be developed with the cooperation and investment of major U.S. tech firms.

In 2010, Cisco pledged a cool $1 billion to Skolkovo, and Google and Intel also jumped on board. (All three happened to be major Clinton Foundation supporters as well—as we will see, a significant factor for dozens of companies who became involved with Skolkovo.)

The report further noted that “Skolkovo is arguably an overt alternative to clandestine industrial espionage—with the additional distinction that it can achieve such a transfer on a much larger scale and more efficiently.” In short, the FBI and the U.S. Army have raised serious concerns about these activities serving to subsidize and enhance the military technological capabilities of the Russian government.