Airborne Ebola Has Been Here Since The 80’s

I believe that, should any of our species survive, we will move through the era of collapse into an era of Transition and Great Turning, our inexorable reality in this moment is one of contraction, decline, and demise. Industrial civilization is collapsing.

The Greek meaning of apocalypse is simply, “the unveiling.” Not for one moment do I believe that the world will end or that Jesus will return to earth, rescue his chosen few, and then decimate the planet. I do believe, however, that human beings are well on their way to creating mass extinction events of the earth community and of their own species. The only beings who can reverse that outcome, however, are humans themselves.

If collapse is anything, it is a planetary immersion in the maelstrom of paradox. Unless we understand and honor paradox, we will end up, like all of the mainstream media on earth, asking all of the wrong questions.

In his poem “In a Dark Time,” Theodore Roethke, who suffered from bipolar disorder, asked, “What is madness but nobility of soul at odds with circumstance?”

Think about people you’ve known who were mentally ill. They probably weren’t bad people, but people whose souls were noble, and perhaps because of that very nobility, they could not cope with living in a world far madder than they were. Anyone preparing for collapse invariably, on some occasions, feels mad. How at odds with circumstance we are, and how profoundly crazy-making it feels!

==Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths for Turbulent Times (Sacred Activism) (Carolyn Baker Phd)

Horrible disease, horrible death. And may God help us all if Ebola goes airborne. But, it is so amazing to me how our minds can be manipulated into fear and away from reality–and the perspective we should try to maintain to ground us all and to shield us, even partially if possible, from the lies of the State. Is it possible that more than several hundred thousand children will die from Ebola, like those that died from disease, starvation, and unavailable medical care–all horrible deaths, directly due to the American lead quarantine of Iraq prior to the second war of decimation? Possible yes, and we should all pray that it does not.

But may I ask you how many prayers were made for the totally unnecessary, politically motivated, cruel deaths of innocent children by America, an America not even using war as a genocidal excuse? What about the ongoing deaths from cancers, deformities and other human malfunctions that will plague not only the innocent people of Iraq, Libya and soon Syria, for potentially thousands of years from the use of depleted uranium weapons, and I am sure other nations as well, as we march towards global war. And what of the many affected suffering former members of the American armed forces here within the “Homeland”, what prayers do we say for them? Rational perspective is not what the State desires us to have. Stand up for your individual rights as sentient and free human beings and maintain perspective–it may help defend against the propaganda of enslavement by the masters of fear.