Aldous Huxley – Speech at UC Berkeley, The Ultimate Revolution 1962 – It is Happening Now-Be Silent No More!!!

History, unfortunately, is not rational or strictly logical, but a process which takes place in a Vale of Tears.

==Liberty or Equality: The Challenge of Our Time (LvMI) (Erik von Kuhnelt-Leddihn)

What is lacking among all these moralists, whether religious or rational, is an understanding of the brutal character of the behavior of all human collectives, and the power of self-interest and collective egoism in all intergroup relations.

They do not see that the limitations of the human imagination, the easy subservience of reason to prejudice and passion, and the consequent persistence of irrational egoism, particularly in group behavior, make social conflict an inevitability in human history, probably to its very end.

==Reinhold Niebuhr: Major Works on Religion and Politics: (Library of America #263) (Niebuhr, Reinhold)

It would seem that four factors are present when a civilization collapses: (a) Accelerating social and economic inequality (b) Declining marginal returns with regard to investment in organizational solutions to socioeconomic problems (c) Rapidly dropping levels of literacy, critical understanding, and general intellectual awareness (d) Spiritual death—that is, Spengler’s classicism: the emptying out of cultural content and the freezing (or repackaging) of it in formulas—kitsch, in short.

==The Twilight of American Culture (Morris Berman)

On February 17, 1950, James Paul Warburg confidently declared to the United States Senate: “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.

Americans must find their voice and find it soon, for later will be too late. Things are coming to a boiling point and nothing, virtually nothing in the macro world of politics, the economy, both domestic and global is remotely what we are being brainwashed to believe. We live in a fictional world. Whether truly planned by a select group of the powerful over the ages or simply the powerful elites surfing a giant wave that they presciently saw in the distant seas when just a ripple matters, but at this moment in history what matters more is that the people of this “nation” rise up and scream–“Off with their heads!”

I have said over the past several years that events were building to the denouement and that there is the very real possibility that this nation, if the world, will be engaged in a period of socioeconomic, financial and civil turbulence as great or greater than that which, on a localized level expanded to the entire world, would be comparable to the epochal, bloody and ultimately paradigm shifting Thirty Years was, which ended in the much admired, by Henry Kissinger and other transnational One World prophets, in the Peace of Westphalia. The treaty’s signed in October 1648 permanently redefined the mode of statecraft and gave birth to the nation-state. We are heading into a similar period of war, civil unrest and very likely bloody violence and suppression if we do not act now. The nation-state is in its death throes under the clapping hands of the transnational capital class and the power elite that share or more accurately serve the same goals and ends. Thus a borderless America, a porous European Union, a cashless world leading to a global and totally policed unified electronic transnational media. A police and total surveillance state. Standing armies on national soil.

Everything that is happening right now has been prophesied by leading voices of power and wealth for generations–the evidence is undeniable, it is in print from their mouths to paper, by hand or computer. The ultimate question is whether these voices were simply speaking from an understanding of the natural evolution of capital, democracies and nations, the result of their vocations embedded in the pinnacles of power and wealth or were engaged in facilitating the dramatic, tectonic social and geopolitical shifts that are well under way today. Again, I say this matters, of course it does, but today, today we must resist. We must reclaim our inalienable rights to govern ourselves.

The old system of finance/credit capitalism designed by bankers for bankers is rapidly failing everywhere. Capitalism is an evolutionary “ism” it adapts and changes to the needs of society accelerated by technological innovations, but the process was hijacked years ago. Our markets are anything but free and open. Washington DC must revert to the mosquito infested swamp it once was.

We must not remain silent. We must not become slaves.