All Hail Our Banking Overlords! | Zero Hedge–Reaching Chandrasekhar’s Limit

2006-1130supernovaThere is a thin line between a bang and a whimper.For stars, this line is called the Chandrasekhar Limit, and it is the difference between dying in a blaze of glory and going out in a slow fade to black. 

The Chandrasekhar Limit is now accepted to be approximately 1.4 times the mass of the sun; any white dwarf with less than this mass will stay a white dwarf forever, while a star that exceeds this mass is destined to end its life in that most violent of explosions: a supernova

Although, full disclosure requires me to preface this note with the fact that I thought we had reached the Chandrasekhar Limit of debt several years back, but failed to truly grasp the ability of the system to sustain the fiction of sustainability. (And, of course, the gullibility of the zombified populations to hold fast to this manufactured illusion.) However, the mass of global debt relative to both the size of global productive capacity and to any thought of accelerating the underlying thermodynamics supporting the fragile debt and credit architecture of the world is finally showing every sign that the debt mass is approaching its Chandrasekhar’s Limit.

We will not go out in a whimper, which leaves only one alternative.

Whatever comes afterwards, a new ideological and socioeconomic “ism” will be born from the seeds of the explosion of our current civilization. Given the migration of the universe towards ever greater complexity it can not be a centralized tyranny of the few, but a complex, interwoven gestalt of the many, in essence a Boise-Einstein Condensate.

The attempt of the global elites to force a consolidation of centralized power, while trying desperately to control an extremely dynamic complex adaptive system is destined to make the supernova that is soon to erupt, all the more devastating. 

There’s simply too much debt and too little cheap oil for there to be any other trajectory to this story. Boneheadedly, our leadership is so out-of-touch that their best response to this set of predicaments is to sacrifice the populace of an entire developed nation (for generations to come) just to keep the status quo stumbling along for a bit longer.We need to all prepare for the inevitability that, as the rot proceeds, the people of Greece will not be the only casualties of the banks’ attempts at self-preservation. They’ll try to throw all of us under the bus before taking any losses themselves.

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Source: All Hail Our Banking Overlords! | Zero Hedge