America: DOA- From The Dreaded Politically Correctitis.

I am not sure we have not already lost the war, despite the battle over the presidency was won, at least in name only.  We waited too long to express our justified outrage over the insidious effects of the PC Cultural Marxism that has by now infested almost every corner of America with its civilizational destroying propaganda. I cannot stress enough, for anyone who actually can think outside of the elite induced reality that like a giant python is has squeezed the life breadth out of most of us, the evidence of the well planned methods of how the Fabians, Illuminati and Frankfurt School acolytes and the psychological propaganda experts at the Tavistock Institute and their many offshoots, would destroy America and all of Western culture. We slept as our entire world was being deconstructed, brick by moral brick. It will take generations to regain the moral path and the America civilization that once was, if it can ever be even modestly recovered.  

As I keep mentioning, there is only one way to revive this nation: Shock & Awe! The shock that would result from the revelations of the depths of depravity and criminality of power elites. It is the only way and if any of you have the capacity to push the Trump Administration, this should be their number one, number two and perhaps even number three focus.

Yes, a gay Santa is just what children needed this holiday season! 

HarperCollins Imprint Set to Publish a Children’s Book About Santa Being in a Gay Interracial Relationship

When I first saw someone tweet this across the timeline, I was sure it was a joke. I mean, why do we need to make Santa Claus gay? What purpose does this serve? Well, OK, I’m not that naive. There seems to be a concerted effort by mass media to push extremely mature content onto our children, often in the name of tolerance and/or diversity. Personally, I have no problems with people involved in homosexual behavior. I’m also in an interracial relationship myself, so I obviously have no qualms there, either. But what is wrong with a company who thinks pushing a gay Santa Claus onto children is a good idea?

This is simply insane. It might be the best example of our deteriorating society that I’ve seen so far this year.

I just can’t get over this…

A new picture book will depict Santa as a gay man in an interracial relationship, publisher Harper Design confirmed Tuesday.

The book, Santa’s Husband, goes on sale Oct. 10 and tells the story of a black Santa Claus and his white husband who both live in the North Pole. Santa’s spouse frequently fills in for his husband at malls, according to a description of the book Harper Design provided to TIME.

Daniel Kibblesmith, who is a staff writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and co-author of How to Win at Everything, penned the parody children’s book after tweeting in December that he would only tell his future child Santa was black. “If they see a white one, we’ll say ‘That’s his husband,’” Kibblesmith wrote…

Harper Design said the book is meant for all ages.

Like hell it is. I’m incensed, so I can only imagine what the more religious and/or conservative among us must be thinking. Yes, I know it’s not Jesus, although feminists recently “aborted” him as well, so yea. We’re clearly headed in the right cultural direction. I can only imagine what these amazing talents will think of next? Perhaps a transgendered Easter Bunny?

Maybe I shouldn’t give them any ideas.

Source: HarperCollins Imprint Set to Publish a Children’s Book About Santa Being in a Gay Interracial Relationship

Students sign petition to ban Trump supporting profs

Since the election of Donald Trump in November, liberal students and professors around the country have expressed their distaste for the president in a variety of ways.

As reported on by Campus Reform, these people often resort to extreme measures to keep conservative ideas off their campuses.

One student said having a professor who voted for Trump would “really inhibit people from going to class.”   

While many students and administrators often refer to their love of diversity, how do they feel about a diversity of opinion amongst their professors?

To find out, I went undercover at American University, posing as a student with the fictitious group “American Students for Diversity.” Armed with a clipboard, I asked students if they would be willing to sign my petition to urge the school to ban the hiring of any professor who had voted for Donald Trump in November.

Throughout the day it became clear that the overwhelming majority of students on campus had no interest in hearing from any professor holding political beliefs different from their own. Student after student eagerly signed the petition; one said having a professor who voted for Trump would “really inhibit people from going to class.”

At one point, faculty member stopped to sign the petition and offer me words of encouragement.

Students sign petition to ban Trump supporting profs

Source: VIDEO: Students sign petition to ban Trump supporting profs