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Though it may be true that, at least in history, values, be they of a nation or of humanity as a whole, do not survive unless we fight for them, neither combat (nor force) can alone suffice to justify them. Rather it must be the other way: the fight must be justified and guided by those values. We must fight for the truth and we must take care not to kill it with the very weapons we use in its defense; it is at this doubled price that we must pay in order that our words assume once more their proper power. —Camus

(The) vast accession of strength from their younger recruits, who having nothing in them of the feelings or principles of ’76 now look to a single and splendid government of an Aristocracy, founded on banking institutions and monied in corporations under the guise and cloak of their favored branches of manufactures commerce and navigation, riding and ruling over the plundered ploughman and beggared yeomanry.”

Jefferson wrote in 1825 to William Branch Giles 

The International Military Tribunal (IMT) was authorized by its charter to try the Nazi defendants for “participating in the formulation or execution of a Common Plan or Conspiracy” to wage aggressive war. [25] Adopting the legal concept of conspiracy, the tribunal’s charter stipulated that everyone who had been a party to the plan or conspiracy was responsible for all crimes committed in the plan’s execution.

The military tribunal was also empowered to designate entire groups as “criminal organizations” (Article 9). Anyone who had belonged to one of these groups was automatically judged guilty of any crimes committed by any of the group’s members. 

The indictment said the defendants intended to use false-flag terrorism, faked invasions, and similar tactics to turn democratic Germany into a police state by fomenting social panic and mobilizing mass support for authoritarian government and war.

Before Germany’s democratic institutions were eviscerated by Hitler and his supporters, the Nazis were unable to win control of Parliament through the electoral process. In the 1932 elections, when they reached their peak legitimately, they received only 37 percent of the total vote and gained only 230 of 608 seats.

When leaders claim to need extraordinary powers to deal with threats, citizens should look carefully at the threats and consider the possibility that the threats are contrived. 

Americans, Germans, and others should have drawn from the evidence presented at Nuremberg is that modern liberal democracies are vulnerable to being hijacked by authoritarian leaders willing to carry out ruthless conspiracies.

Violations of the law should be swiftly and aggressively prosecuted. Public officials are inclined to do just the opposite: to conduct a cursory investigation of the Reichstag fire or to let Lyndon Johnson abscond with President Kennedy’s body. These are precisely the circumstances under which rigid conformity to the law should be practiced.

Secrecy has transformed both the way America wages war around the world and the way it shares information about threats and its own operations with the American people. Today Americans know less about what their national security forces are doing than ever before. And Americans frequently know less than citizens of other nations.

With the national security state came a new American elite: the national security expert and a vast bureaucratic apparatus. This apparatus in turn created an immense world of secrets: information so sensitive that only members of the elite have access to it. Secrecy is also used to justify disenfranchising citizens on national security issues: they can’t have classified information and therefore they can’t participate in critical decisions about war and peace; these matters are reserved for national security elites.

==Lords of Secrecy: The National Security Elite and America’s Stealth Warfare (Horton, Scott)

Fascinating how our Presidents, when either in the process of leaving office or long out the door, tend to reveal truths that they would never dare speak when in the their seat of power and those that have taken the risk of revealing that which must remain hidden, end up dead. The path towards an technocratic, atheist oligarchy of wealth and power elites, supported by an enabled and obedient bureaucratic technocracy, was very likely inevitable from the very day the Constitution was ratified.

The accumulation of power into the nation’s capital city and the end of the American Nation, which has become nothing more than a militarized, corporatist police State relying on the memes and propaganda and the overbearing, false universalist religions of multiculturalism and environmentalism, was almost a certainty once the individual states relinquished their sovereignty into the hands of the financial and moneyed interests that dominated the constitutional convention. The debate over democracy within the inner circles of power in America has long been over, but the people, led on by a complicit sycophantic press, will not realize it until it is too late. Hope is not an option.

As I mentioned in a much earlier post, the only candidate running for the office of President that is relatively independent of the rule of the oligarchy of the transnationalist capitalist class elites and the inner circle of their CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg and foundation intellectual masters, may be Carly Fiorina. If anyone remotely believes that the NSA and other operatives of the National Security State do not have sufficient documentation of the sins of Donald Trump to own him, as they do almost all of Washington’s power elite, we welcome them to the Twilight Zone.

No matter how enticing The Donald seems to be to many of us, who have had it with the current faces within the Beltway and those currently trying to find themselves so embraced, to be a breath of honest fresh air, the system is far to embedded now with corruption, crony capitalists and technocratic anti-democratic elites to think that Trump is not possibly a well designed and so far extremely well excuted red hearing or a Trojan Horse. Power will never give up willingly, nor will the transnationalist financial and corporate fascist elites. Nothing is as it seems now, nothing at least within the theater of the absurd we call American democracy.

The real issue is whether the country is controlled by its aristocracy (a dictatorship), or instead by its public (its residents).Let’s be frank and honest: an aristocratically controlled government is a dictatorship, regardless of whether that “aristocracy” is in fascist Italy, or in Nazi Germany, or in Communist USSR, or in North Korea, or in the United States of America.That’s what Jimmy Carter was talking about, and it’s what I was documenting to be true.To varying and rather extraordinary degrees throughout earlier U.S. history, this nation really was a democracy; that is to say, a republic. But we’re not actually like that any more (as I documented there).If this problem is not faced — and honestly, not by means of semantic games and misdirections — then surely there will be not even a possibility to restore the democracy, the republic, the democratic republic, or whatever one prefers to call it, which our Founders had intended, and which lasted for around two centuries on these shores, and was widely admired and even (by some) envied throughout the world.

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Source: America: The Deceit About Being a ‘Republic’ versus a ‘Democracy’ | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

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That Hillary Clinton is even considered a viable politician or stateswoman is, or should be, an embarrassment to the country and the Democrat Party. In the private sector her lack of decency and competence would bar her from anything but menial tasks. However politics operates on different standards. Decency and competence are not required and are often liabilities. Fooling the people to get into office and then fooling them once there seems to be the primary requisites for a long political career.The Democrat Party has to be aware of Ms. Clinton and her baggage. Apparently they consider Hillary their best shot at the Presidency in spite of the tainted nature of the product. Whether this conclusion results from a lack of alternatives or a belief that the public is too dumb to comprehend or remember past Clinton scandals is moot. The fact that Obama was elected twice is consistent with voter incomprehension. Obama’s first term was arguably worse than Jimmy Carter’s, the previous worst president of my lifetime. Re-electing Obama after knowing his incompetence was unimaginable. But it happened! Now his first term will rank second in terms of incompetence to his second.

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Source: Decency and Competence – Monty Pelerin’s World