American Crimes Against Humanity–9/11-So Much Worse, So Much Worse

Nothing is as it seems. We have all been involved in the longest and most pervasive indoctrination and propaganda campaign in the history of mankind. 

If this does not make you disgusted and angry, if it does not make you cry for those subsequently murdered by Christine Todd Whitman and all of the Federal Officials controlled by the Bush criminal conspiracy that sent thousands more good, honest and caring citizens into the known, but also criminally denied, knowledge of the hazards of the post 9/11 site, something is horribly wrong.

She should be tried for mass murder and crimes against humanity. So should all involved, perhaps even Giuliani

safetobreatheThe crimes are so much deeper and inclusive than even most of us, who believe in  the veracity of the worst conspiracy theories pertaining the the truth of the 9/11 mass murders by our ruling power elites, have to date imagined. We live in a totally warped and corrupted world, the evil of which is truly unfathomable, particularly for the decent and morally committed citizens of America, which is, the vast majority of us, thank God.

Can we survive and regain our freedoms, our liberties and all of the individual rights that are rapidly being devoured by the voracious maw of the power elites and their fascist Administrative State?  Right now, we must make a stand against the most insidious, dangerous and potentially the most ruthless totalitarian dictatorship that has ever existed and which is being planned for America, the West and ultimately for the entire world.

Lie-4I have said this over and over again, this is the end game–the ruling powers will never relinquish control, never. The awaking has become too dangerous to all of the corrupt ruling power elites to allow it to succeed. It would be a rather unfortunate mistake for any of us who anticipate the ferocity of the suppression ahead to not believe that many lives will be lost or that the elites who could murder so many thousands of Americans during and for many months following 9/11 How can anyone in their right mind believe that if Whitman or Giuliani were complicit, at least the post-9/11 murders of thousands of first responders and citizens of New York, if not even in on the conspiracy from the very start, not also understand that they and all the other criminal conspirators would ever let the truth of the crimes be known? 

Say it ain’t so Rudy? Sadly, it makes enormous sense–Rudy may very well have been in on this massive crime from the start.

This is one of the most compelling 9/11 videos I have yet seen. Worthy of your time–as we don’t have much “free” time left.