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What kind of a time is this, when one has to envy those who have already been buried?– Goethe 

Foreseen by de Tocqueville—the democratic evolution towards nonviolent slavery

Egalitarianism under the best circumstances becomes hypocrisy; if sincerely accepted and believed in, its menace is greater. Then all actual inequalities appear without exception to be unjust, immoral, intolerable. Hatred, unhappiness, tension, a general maladjustment is the result.

==Liberty or Equality: The Challenge of Our Time  (Erik von Kuhnelt-Leddihn)

suicide1The true “herdist” will carefully avoid acting or thinking originally, in order not to destroy the uniformity which is so dear to him, and he is also ready to rise immediately against anybody who dares to act independently and thus destroy the sacred unity of the uniform group to which he belongs. The loyal herdist will not rise alone against the sacrilegious offender; he will have the support of the rest of the circumscribed society and thus a mass action of collective protest will take place, forcing the “lonely individual” to conform or to withdraw.

The herdist moves cautiously in the broad stream of the mediocre masses avoiding all extremes except those in a frenzied mass hysteria.

==Menace of the Herd or Procrustes at Large  (Erik Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn)

I have a secret plan to destroy America. If you believe, as many do, that America is too smug, too white bread, too self-satisfied, too rich, let’s destroy America. It is not that hard to do. History shows that nations are more fragile than their citizens think. No nation in history has survived the ravages of time. Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and they all fall, and that “an autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.

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The Truth:  He titled it “A Plan to Destroy America.”The speech was given by Governor Lamm at the 2004 Immigration-Overpopulation Conference in Washington, D.C.

Isn’t it rather amazing how a past Governor of Colorado can focus and zero in on a major issue facing this State of California.—and now the U.S.

Wherever you stand on this issue, please take the time to read this; it should wake you from your slumber on this important truth.

594767918_Eagle3_xlargeWe know Dick Lamm as the former Governor of Colorado. In that context his thoughts are particularly poignant.

In 2004 there was an immigration overpopulation conference  in Washington, D.C., filled to capacity  with many of America’s finest minds and leaders. A brilliant college professor by the name of Victor Davis Hansen  talked about his latest book, “Mexifornia”,  explaining how immigration – both legal and illegal was destroying the entire state of California. He said it would march across the country  until it destroyed all vestiges of The American Dream.

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