America’s War against the Islamic State (ISIS): A Complete Hoax. ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al-Nusra, Et Al are US Creations
  • America created and armed the Sunnis death squads of Iraq.
  • America armed and trained the Sunni death squads of Libya.
  • America armed and trained the Sunnis death squads and “rebels” of Syria that are ISIS.
  • Everything, all of bombastic jingoism, the military patriotism and the media induced saber rattling is based on lies and hidden realities..but to those who benefit from them.

The crap that the GOP candidates blew out upon the American people last night on Middle East and ISIS policies, no worse than that which comes out of the Democratic candidates, is all based on total fabrications of the American/NATO axis of corruption.

When it comes to war and the fears that help further the goals of the total surveillance state there is little difference between parties, for they are nothing but factions of the same party, the Fascist Empire of the United States.

For a civilization with the attention span less than a goldfish’s, where history is at most the news of yesterday, the ability to control the narrative has never been easier. We have become mindless people swimming in a turbulent lake of total Bullshit.

The parallels with Iran-Contra are uncanny. In the 1980’s, the Reagan administration wanted to topple the government of Nicaragua, using right-wing mercenaries, death squads, based in Honduras.

dont_believe_anything_until_its_officially_deniedBut Congress passed a law prohibiting that. So they went around it, by financing the Contras via Iran. Thirty years later, the hawks in Washington wanted to topple the elected governments of Libya and Syria, and crush the popular resistance in Iraq. Once again, they wanted to do this using death squads. So they got around Congress by having Qatar and the Saudis finance it.

To set up death squads in Iraq, they sent John Negroponte as Ambassador to Baghdad in 2004. The same guy they sent to Honduras as Ambassador from 1981 to 1985. Then in 2011 they sent some of those killers from Iraq to Libya to overthrow Qaddafi, with NATO air cover. From Libya, they were sent to Syria to start the killing there – the dirty war directed by Negroponte’s right-hand man, US Ambassador Ford.

download (86)The US embedded media perversely pinned these killings on Assad, following the script for another NATO invasion. Only Russia’s UN veto spared Syria. So the sheikhs kept financing the “rebels” – and the US pretended to fight them – until they grew into the ISIS terror army; nor are they and their backers quitting.

It’s a basic historical fact that the US has shored up many Latin American dictatorships, but few details are generally known about how they do it. One practitioner who knows is Ambassador John Dimitri Negroponte, a veteran counter-insurgency expert going back to Operation Phoenix in the Vietnam War. He has held many high posts. Including Ambassador to Honduras 1981-1985, and US Ambassador to Iraq, 2004-2005…

US-Death-Squad-Diplomacy-In-SyriaThe thrust of the Pentagon proposal in Iraq … is to follow that model. But it gets worse. A lot worse. Chossudovsky notes: While the stated objective of the “Iraq Salvador Option” was to “take out the insurgency,” in practice the US-sponsored terror brigades were involved in routine killings of civilians, with a view to fomenting sectarian violence. In turn, the CIA and MI6 were overseeing “Al Qaeda in Iraq” units involved in targeted assassinations directed against the Shiite population… advised by undercover US Special Forces.

Robert Stephen Ford – subsequently appointed US Ambassador to Syria – was part of Negroponte’s team in Baghdad in 2004-2005. In January 2004, he was dispatched as U.S. representative to the Shiite city of Najaf, which was the stronghold of the Mahdi army [an important volunteer force loyal to the charismatic Shiite imam Muqtada al-Sadr], with which he made preliminary contacts…..

If you want to wake up and see the truth hidden in front of your eyes, if you want to eliminate as much of the total bullshit programing that has been driven into most Americans brains by the propaganda machinery of the State, get and read this brief, but powerful book.

==ISIS IS US: The Shocking Truth Behind the Army of Terror (Washington Blog, George;Madsen, Wayne;Tarpley, Webster;Partisan, Syrian Girl)

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO–American Exceptionalism???

US post-9/11 war on terror reflects state-sponsored deception – with the media complicit in conning the public to believe Washington opposes what it actively supports.ISIS, Al Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra and various splinter groups are US creations, used as imperial foot soldiers, flourishing because Washington and rogue partners arm, fund, train and direct them.

saudi american isisObama’s vow to “degrade and destroy” ISIS is one of his many Big Lies – saying one thing while supporting a universal scourge. On Thursday, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced scores newly deployed US commandos in Iraq – ahead of hundreds (perhaps thousands) of combat troops to follow. In September 2014, Obama said US troops “do not and will not have a combat mission” in Iraq against ISIS.

Americas War against the Islamic State ISIS A Complete Hoax ISIS Al Qaeda Al-Nusra Et Al are US Creations!!!!!!

The specter of the faceless terrorist mirrored the unseen and unconscious dark side fears within many people. Having identified themselves with political systems that are defined by their monopolies on violence; and having witnessed such agencies engaging in torture, police brutality, unprovoked wars against innocent persons, assassinations of persona non grata, and numerous threats employed to enforce obedience to the whims of those in power; inner discomforts and doubts regarding their attachments were awakened.

Brutish police officers drive around in cars with the words “to protect and serve” emblazoned on them; mass slaughter is engaged in by the Strategic Air Command whose motto is “peace is our profession;” (Orwell would be proud of us) the American bombing attacks on guiltless Iraqis were carried out in the name of terrorism (“Shock and Awe”). We become troubled by more than just a failure of expectations as to how our revered systems are to work. We experience, albeit subconsciously, a sense of distress as to who we are, and seek to quiet these inner voices. Psychic turmoil generates the need for a scapegoat!

“Terrorist” becomes for the modern corporate-state what “infidel” was for members of the power structure one-thousand years earlier: a human object of sacrifice that energizes dark side forces, and mobilizes otherwise sensible and decent people into a collective herd, the absence of which would neutralize state power.

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