AmeriGEDDON -It Is Happening here

The lesson of history is that liberty is a very radical idea, one that did not exist in any substantive form before our Founding Fathers declared independence from England and the Crown. These brave men demanded the right to live their lives free of Ruling Class interference. They demanded the right to question those entrusted with power; question their assumptions, question their motives, and to ensure as best as possible that they were acting in society’s best interest and not merely their own. They created a constitution that for the first time in history provided a framework limiting the scope of the government rather than the rights of citizens. Most significant, the Founders realized the importance of these rights and were willing to die for them.

We believe that we need to rekindle the vision of liberty that was the impetus for our founding in 1776. America is a cause, and not just a country. We need to be a beacon of hope and a model for the right way to govern in the twenty-first century. (far, far too late for this!)

==Conspiracies of the Ruling Class: How to Break Their Grip Forever (Lindsey, Lawrence B.)

There is absolutely no basis, none, for the totally false elite meme that America and Americans have transcended history, that we are different in some, almost mystical, manner from other peoples and cultures either in space or time. We are not, not even remotely.

We are not genetically, sociologically or culturally different at our core than than the Nazis of Hitler’s Germany, nor the Maoists enforcing ideas and rules that led to the death of so many millions during the China’s Great Leap Forward, one of the most Orwellian of concepts.

We are not different. And everything that has gone on before in other countries and in ages long gone can happen here in America. In fact, given the intractability of human nature, it is more than likely, actually very likely, that the evils of the past that have befallen other nations under any form of government, will happen in America.

It is happening now, but we cannot see it for it is too close, too unsettling and so contrary to the elite imposed and almost universally accepted national myths that prevent Americans from understanding the unfolding tyranny. Most will never see it, that is until it is far, far too late.

Our founders failed us in their attempt to create Republic that could overcome human nature and the nature of all forms of government, all forms, to become a magnet for power hungry authoritarian natures that devour the hoped for restraints of the rule of law they imbedded so eloquently into the Constitution. 

The complexities formed between biological development and cultural behavior have been exaggerated among human beings, manifesting themselves in a multitude of artistic mediums and forms of expression. Art, whatever its type, often attempts to draw upon universal human emotions, but in a culturally-specific context.

Human culture has long been recognized as a highly specialized, extrasomatic means of adapting to a rapidly changing environment. However, humans are not unique in having a means of adaptation which in transferred from generation to generation through non-biological means. Information transmission may occur via the mechanisms of social facilitation,observation, and imitation. Indeed, cultural variations in diet and behavior have been observed among regional populations of the common chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes, while socially transmitted behaviors were documented among Japanese macaques (e.g., potato-washing, wet-sieving).

When examining human adaptive behaviors in light of the primatological literature, it becomes apparent that the differences between human and non-human primate behaviors are differences in degree, but not differences in kind.