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Not likely. The next two years could make the last few seem like a cornucopia of tranquility and stability. We are headed for a waterfall no matter who controls Congress. Everyone who was elected Tuesday will soon enough be running to maintain their seats and the Presidential race, which will be occurring during a cataclysmic global economic and financial market meltdown will be under way within six months, if it has not already, in fact, begun.

The system of crony capitalism, Wall Street domination and the entrenched hidden state backed by the coercive powers of the total surveillance empire will allow little, but only the needed manifestations of political change , to satiate and delude the American people that we live in a democracy and they are even remotely meaningful beyond their docile abeyance to the system.

If the state mismanages the economy, oppresses us domestically, and injects us into unneeded wars, why not simply end these bad programs? Why not restore Constitutional, limited government? Isn’t anarchism too drastic a response? We will see that this popular answer is inadequate. Government cannot be limited. Further, making the government more “democratic” is no answer either. As Hans Hoppe shows in his contemporary classic Democracy: The God That Failed, democracy is part of the problem, not the solution.

The state, rather, is a parasitic institution that lives off the wealth of its subjects, concealing its anti-social, predatory nature beneath a public-interest veneer. It is, as Oppenheimer said, the organization of the political means to wealth.

=Against the State: An Anarcho-Capitalist Manifesto (Llewellyn Rockwell)


With the midterm elections complete, it is clear now that the Republicans will control the U.S. Senate for the next two years. Will it make a difference?

The two major political parties are more alike than they are different. On the two paramount issues of our day — war and debt — they are identical. With the exception of Democratic progressives and Republican libertarians, the two parties stand for perpetual war and perpetual debt. Both stances increase the power of the government, and each invites present and future destruction.

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