Angela Merkel To Skip Davos Amid Blowback Against “Global Elite”: Or Something More Sinister??

A young shepherd did I see, writhing, choking, quivering, with distorted countenance, and with a heavy black serpent hanging out of his mouth. Had I ever seen so much loathing and pale horror on one countenance? Had he perhaps gone to sleep? Then had the serpent crawled into his throat – there had it bitten itself fast. My hand pulled at the serpent, and pulled – in vain! I failed to pull the serpent out of his throat.

Then there cried out of me: ‘Bite, bite! ‘Its head off! Bite!’ – so cried it out of me; my horror, my hatred, my loathing, my pity, all my good and bad cried with one voice out of me.

Thus Spaketh Zarathustra, Nietzsche 

Perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye? Merkel is the keystone of the globalist efforts in Europe and best buddies with their mouthpiece who is presumably about to leave the Oval Office. If there is anything planned from these desperate maniacs, it has to happen before Trump is inaugurated on the 20th. It would be overly optimistic to assume that there is anything, from war with Russia to massive false flag terrorism in Germany and the US, that is off the table. Over a hundred years of effort by the Fabian globalists and technocrats, when they felt they were so close to the goal line only a year ago, may be worth these evil Übermensch risking millions of lives to achieve their ends. Hell, they’ve certainly done so before.  

The ongoing theater of the absurd that is the progressive globalist elites response to the Trump and Brexit people’s revolt against their increasingly tyrannical rule, a revolution that is about to retake the people’s national sovereignty back from the technocrats and servile bureaucratic sycophants of transnational corporate power, has become so surreal that it should be hard for anyone with a smidgen of free space left on their brains hard disk to not cry out: Bite, bite! ‘It’s head off! Bite! The insidious snake erupting from the mouths of the sovereign people of the nations of the West, that is writhing violently in despair from the protestations of its host, must have its head removed. Anyone who believes that this is not a battle between good and evil must take their heads out of the sands.

The elites paradigm of control is being shaken to its very core by the rapid decline in the marginal propensity of their propaganda to manipulate the collective mind of the masses. Thus the mainstream and political elites attack on freedom of the press, of freedom of thought and speech, both here and in Europe, is extremely onerous, in and of itself. However, for those that understand the propaganda and information control mechanisms that have historically been utilized by the ruling elites prior to war and the imposition of tyranny, the constant flow of “fake” news and totally unverified allegations broadcast from by the mouthpieces of these desperate caged animals, should be preparing for anything; even the most unimaginable. 

Angela Merkel is steering clear of the World Economic Forum in Davos, a meeting expected to be dominated by debate over the looming presidency of Donald Trump and rising public anger with elites and globalization.

Is this Angela Merkel’s “cancel the fireworks” moment. As you recall, the Clinton’s cancelled their celebratory New York fireworks a number of days ahead of the election. Did the Clinton’s know something about the inevitability of the election results? Does Merkel know something about possible events prior to January 20th?  

Last week we were surprised to learn that demand for hotel rooms at the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, where the world’s billionaires, CEOs, politicians, celebrities and oligarchs mingle every year (while regaled by their public relations teams known as the “media”, for whom getting an invite to the DJ event du jour is more important than rocking the boat by asking unpleasant questions) was so great, not only are hotel rooms running out, but local employees may be put up in shipping containers in car parks to free up much needed accommodations.

This scramble to attend what has traditionally been perceived as the hangout for those who have benefited the most from “peak globalization” was in some ways surprising: coming after a year in which “populism” emerged as a dominant global force, while sending establishment politics, legacy policies and even globalization reeling, the message – in terms of lessons learned from 2016 – sent to the masses from the world’s 0.1% was hardly enlightened.

However, while most Davos participants remain tone deaf, one person has gotten the message loud and clear.

According to Reuters, German Chancellor Angela Merkel – who faces a crucial election this year as she runs for her 4th term as German chancellor amid sagging approval ratings – is steering clear of the World Economic Forum in Davos, a meeting expected to be dominated by debate over the looming presidency of Donald Trump “and rising public anger with elites and globalization”, which is ironic because just two years prior, the topic was rising wealth inequality which the world’s billionaires blasted, lamented and, well, got even richer as nothing at all changed.

Source: Angela Merkel To Skip Davos Amid Blowback Against “Global Elite” | Zero Hedge

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