Anthropogenic Warming, Zika: 1984? WORSE-You Are All Expendable.

Anthropogenic global warming is the biggest and most successful power elite propaganda campaign of the 21st century to date. And yet, an increasing number of voices within the scientific community and on the world stage are now erupting against the absurd notion of “settled science”, a concept that is an oxymoronic phrase that, in and of itself, shows the absurdity of the lie. No science is settled, for science is absolutely based on always doubting, and questioning existing accepted hypotheses and is never certain. This is so much more true when science is trying to define one of the most complex dynamic adaptive systems of the Newtonian macro world, the earth’s weather.

But the Zika scare is a far worse government induced event, it is here, it is now and it is a fraud whose “solution” appears very likely to be the death of thousands, perhaps millions of innocent people in America and around the globe. Both, however, are intricately involved and directly related. Zika, in fact, may be an accelerated plan in response to the growing global revolution against the transnationalist progressive control system which is evidenced from the world’s rejection of Monsanto’s GMO’s and pesticides, BREXIT, Donald Trump, the Philippine President Duterte, the growing chorus against TTIP and TPP–the essential corporatist wet dream, and of course Europe’s and America’s rising nationalist anti-immigration cultural preservation movement–a thing considered anathema to all one world globalists since 1776’s Weishaupt founding of the Illuminati.

Manufactured Crisis, popular demands for a solution and imposition of such, no matter how many people die and how many freedoms are stolen. The response to Zika, however, is an immediate threat to all of our lives, not just the bees. Follow the money, ask who benefits financially and what classes control humanity is increased or decreased and you find the criminal elites grinding their wet, slimy hands like  Dickens Uriah Heep.  

Read the following excellent quote from a recently published book called Hubris. Read all of this post and be afraid, but not too afraid to act, to revolt why we still have time. Not much albeit, but we still have a few months. 

Imagine a movement so bent on achieving its political objectives that it is willing to corrupt science to meet them. Imagine governments around the globe, first adopting and then promoting this official science for more than two generations. Imagine that they are willing to use their regulatory power to implement a massive program of social engineering in order to “save” the planet.

Imagine the United Nations leading this movement and insisting that a global effort is required.

Imagine the movement’s leaders believing that people around the globe must change their eating, heating, cooling, lighting, toilet, transportation, manufacturing, entertainment, even housing habits and reject values that are critical to their prosperity, happiness, and welfare, confident that humans can adapt and revert to simpler, more primitive, more local lifestyles, have fewer children, and embrace lives presumed to be more in harmony with nature. Imagine thousands of scientists engaged at public expense in developing a convincing rationale for this unprecedented project.

Imagine that these scientists are willing to compromise their integrity in pursuit of the role of a single factor that they insist controls the most complex and chaotic earth system, a molecule – carbon dioxide – that is literally the building block of all of life. Imagine that they believe that by reducing its miniscule – .04 percent – presence in the atmosphere, the planet will cool and climate will stabilize at an optimum level, a level seen only in micro-seconds of geological time.

Imagine scientists who dismiss the work of hundreds of their colleagues and believe that their work must be suppressed. Imagine a scientific movement dominated by greedy grant farmers and cheered on by the media, insisting that there is no further need to study the science and that governments need to start implementing its preferred policy of worldwide social engineering.

Imagine that many leaders of this movement believe that the world’s population needs to be thinned down to a billion people within a generation or two. Imagine that some of the movement’s most revered leaders, even as they advocate that ordinary people must curb their consumption and live simpler lives, pursue lifestyles that consume more energy and other commodities in a year than an ordinary family of four would need over its lifetime.

Imagine a movement whose leaders habitually dissemble and mislead and justify this on the claimed greater good they are pursuing. Imagine politicians, civil servants, scientists, activists, and the media flying from one exotic location to another as they plan what must be done to coerce changes in our lifestyles, even to the point of sacrificing human freedom and democracy. Most thoughtful people would conclude that only Hollywood could come up with such a bizarre plot. A little more thinking, however, and they might connect the dots.

There is such a movement, and it has demanded our attention for more than thirty years. It has devoured billions of dollars in public money and has inserted its menacing tentacles into every aspect of modern life. The UN and all its organs are the leading force behind it, but most governments of the world support it in one way or another. Elites, the media, and even religious leaders, have embraced it, even though they seem poorly informed and ignore its demands while urging others to adopt sharply reduced lifestyles. The public face of this science, climate science, is part of a worrying new trend: the emergence of “official” or consensus science.

==Hubris: The Troubling Science, Economics, and Politics of Climate Change (Hart, Michael)

There is a lot of information here from numerous sources, but all of it must be read and the video must be watched. The Zika microcephaly scare is a FRAUD, a fraud to produce the crisis-fear response which it the standard dialectical process of government induced and the corporate/government controlled media propaganda engorged public hysteria that serves only two purposes: Profit and Mass Population Control.

In this case, however, there is increasing evidence that the rapidity of the government and global NGO responses to an unproven link between Zika and Microcephaly, the extensive spraying of known carcinogenic pesticides that have also, in the case of Naled, shown in laboratory tests to cause significant reduce brain size and other neonatal deleterious health effects and are killing off bee populations in what could be called a mass extinction event, is indicative of far more sinister purposes.

 Everything that is disturbing the peace of the earth today, the chaos that surrounds us all and that is accelerating towards a fin dramatique that will define the architecture of humanities political system for perhaps centuries to come, all are intertwined in the efforts of global elites to control humanity even if it means the death of millions, perhaps billions.  Zika is just one crisis manifestation , the global warming hoax another–each developed, propagated and fanned by the ruling power elites and their toadies and sycophants in the media and “scientific” community, universities and progressive self-anointed intellectual elites. All deadly in their own way. 

Chemical Company spreads toxic chemical larvicide that causes birth defects microcephaly in humans

June, 2014: Sumitomo Chemical Company, associated with Monsanto, manufactures and releases pyroproxyfen chemical larvicide and weed killer for distribution in Latin America, because Roundup is no longer killing the weeds. Pyroproxyfen produces malformations in mosquitoes. By May, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health in Brazil spread propaganda that over a million cases of Zika are “suspected” in Brazil and recommends spreading deadly poison pyriproxyfen on state drinking water in Brazil to combat mosquito problem, because mosquitoes are breeding in standing water supplies. Then, three months later, without any regards to human safety, planes begin the massive spreading of pyriproxyfen over poverty-stricken areas.

US media fear campaign ensues

Within a few months, purported statistics reveal that nearly 5,000 children in Pernambuco are born with congenital malformations, including microcephaly (small heads). Later on we find out that number is actually less than 500. The FEAR CAMPAIGN and media propaganda machine ensues.

February, 2016: Zika virus is detected in 18 of the 26 states in Brazil. Physicians in Brazil report Zika is being transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. The Brazilian Ministry of Health jumps to make the claim, based on ZERO clinical or biological evidence mind you, that the rise in microcephaly cases in newborns is directly linked to the zika virus.

Officials in Brazil now admit Zika is an unlikely cause of microcephaly

The high rates of microcephaly in Brazil were reported in the country’s northeast, where poor populations drink from standing water in barrels, and from the same areas that were sprayed heavily with toxic pesticides. The CDC has gone so far as to try to connect other childhood disorders to Zika, including autism spectrum disorder, Guillain-Barre syndrome, speech problems, memory problems, learning disabilities, and more. The supposed Zika epidemic that’s unfolding throughout South America, Mexico, and now Miami may have nothing at all to do with mosquitoes, and everything to do with pregnant women (especially in Brazil) consuming pesticides (and getting the TDAP vaccine) that could easily be causing deformed fetuses.

US rate of microcephaly 40 times higher than Brazil, but none of our babies got it from Zika

Nowhere in the US mainstream media will you hear the fact that microcephaly occurs about 25,000 times a year. Could that be because our environment and health care field are bombarded with chemical treatments (glyphosate-laden food and toxic vaccines)? There are no Zika-carrying mosquitoes, except maybe a few in Miami.

Despite all of the actual science that is screaming that Zika has no link to head shrinkage of babies, and never has in the past, vaccine trials for Zika are already underway at NIH (National Institutes of Health) in hopes that we can save the world from this mild flu that’s never been a real problem before. Without Congressional funding, the Zika fear campaign needed new legs, so mass spraying of naled commenced in Florida.


We have an exclusive. I don’t get those often. But someone higher up than me is talking. I won’t say names. No matter what.

THIS is HUGE so read carefully below and watch the video

 This is what we know:

1. The Clean Water Act has a stipulation where if you’re going to pollute US waters, you need a NPDES permit:

2.  Mosquito control pesticides pollute the hell out of the water:

3.  The American Mosquito Control Association is a “Non Profit” that is basically an extension of the chemical companies who HEAVILY advertise in all their publications (Read that twice)  They are completely biased towards the use of chemicals and and many call them totally corrupt.

4.  The American Mosquito Control Association lobbied to have a bill passed in Congress called HR 935 that would provide exemptions for mosquito control operations to the NPDES program:

5.  Congress said no.

6.  Not giving up, they renamed HR 935 the, “Zika Control Act” to take advantage of Zika fears: 

7.  Congress left on recess before approving that bill but it still could be approved if there was enough hype and political pressure.
8.The corrupt CDC used to say Aerial spraying was a last resort but suddenly they’re very pro spraying. For example, in this story:  the CDC says, “We do recommend mosquito control to be done around travel-associated cases as well as locally transmitted cases if the mosquitoes that spread Zika are in the environment,” said entomologist Janet McAllister of the CDC’s Division of Vector-Borne Diseases. “We don’t want the virus to take hold in the local mosquito population.”
9.  Notice the name above?  Janet McAllister?  She’s the, “Vector Control Team Lead” at the CDC for Zika.  And she is a past President of the American Mosquito Control Association:
10.  In addition to the Zika Control Act, the two organophosphates used in mosquito control (Naled and Malathion) are up for re-evaluation at the EPA under a special provision of the Endangered Species Act.  Both are being evaluated to see if they cause harm to endangered species.  If they do, they’re banned.  Unless of course there is massive political pressure.

Exclusive The REAL Reason for Zika Hype Congress wants 11B To Fight Zika

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Of 12,000 Women Infected With Zika, All Gave Birth to Healthy Baby. Women Don’t “Need” Abortion

All along I’ve felt somewhat suspect that the Zika virus is linked to microcephaly.  The US Centers for Disease Control and the New England Journal of Medicine both concluded the link is there.  Both are heavy hitters in the realm of research, however, they admit there’s no studied verification.

Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry were quick to jump on the abortion bandwagon for pregnant women with confirmed or suspected cases of the Zika virus.

But a recent, expansive study has cast legitimate doubt on the Zika/microcephaly connection.

-Of 12000 Women Infected With Zika All Gave Birth to Healthy Baby Women Dont Need Abortion

New doubts on Zika as cause of microcephaly–(New England Complex Systems Institute)

Brazil’s microcephaly epidemic continues to pose a mystery — if Zika is the culprit, why are there no similar epidemics in other countries also hit hard by the virus? In Brazil, the microcephaly rate soared with more than 1,500 confirmed cases. But in Colombia, a recent study of nearly 12,000 pregnant women infected with Zika found zero microcephaly cases. If Zika is to blame for microcephaly, where are the missing cases?

-New doubts on Zika as cause of microcephaly