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Worth reading–America and the world are in a major period of what evolutionists call “punctuated equilibrium” which is a period of evolutionary change forced by extreme pressures, in most cases considered environmental and external to the organism or organisms forced to adjust. However, when considering the human civilization or a given culture and society as an organism the pressures arise from technological and knowledge driven paradigm shifts and tectonic demographic changes caused by a myriad of independent issues, from disease (the Black Plague etc.), shifts in life spans or birth rates and dramatic changes in migration patterns and pressures such as the Huns or Europeans into the Americas.

America is now facing a unique period of convergence with accelerated technological change accompanied by major demographic shifts and population imbalances around the world, particularly the declines in birth rates in the societies most impacted by the technological issues driving disparities in wealth and the dynamics of work. If ever there was a time for Americans to reject the burden of  Soren Kierkegaard’s maxim “we live our lives looking forward, but we comprehend it looking backward”, it is now.

The environment is changing under our feet. Unless we adapt ourselves to the shifting world and understand that there are powers seeking to take advantage of the new dynamics to their advantage and our enslavement, America will experience a similar agony, that one could easily imagine, of the death throes of the saber tooth tiger’s  stuck  in the San Andreas tar pits. This is a battle for the preservation of life, of freedom and liberty and for the preservation of American culture, perhaps for many, many generations and it requires adaptation regardless of our natural sensitivities based on our cultural or educational histories.  It is a gunfight between the folks in the black hats or the ones wearing white, no matter how hazy the demarcations may seem.

So who is right about where the country currently falls on this spectrum? A black sniper deliberately took out white police officers at a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas, and the Megaphone blames it on guns and Donald Trump. A radical Muslim shoots up a gay nightclub in Orlando and the Megaphone blames it on guns, Donald Trump and white Christians who encourage homophobia.

the-man-who-shot-liberty-valance-bad-i-tell-ya1 (1)Protesters carrying Mexican flags and promising to take America back for Mexico riot and attack peaceful Trump supporters outside a Trump rally in California, but Trump’s “incendiary” rhetoric is to blame. Blood runs through the streets of many of our major cities because the police have backed off and let chaos reign in what has been called the Ferguson Effect. Sixty six people were shot in the city of Chicago over the July 4 weekend. Conservative speakers are forced to cancel appearances or are shouted down on college campuses by self-appointed Social Justice Warriors who then demand safe spaces if a conservative actually manages to speak. Students at a venerable, top tier Southern University, one of my alma maters, demand counseling because someone wrote Trump’s name on the sidewalk in chalk. Christians are forced to bake wedding cakes against their conscience.

People with college degrees work at Starbucks, live with their parents and put off marriage and procreation because they can’t find a decent middle class job in the new 21st Century economy our elites have foisted on us. Employees at Disney are forced to train their foreign replacements fraudulently brought in on work visas. I could go on.

john wayneunnamed (2)Anti-Trump conservatives, you need to wake up. Wagging your finger at the enemy about the Constitution is going to be as effective as Stoddard pointing at his law books was in his battle against Valance. You don’t live in 1950s America anymore or even Ronald Reagan’s America. You don’t live in Stoddard’s East. You live in Doniphan’s Wild West. Your enemies don’t care about or play by your rules. Like Valance and his gang, they see you as an impediment they just want out of their way. All your tidy little principles will not mean a thing if the country turns permanently Blue from immigration and there is no middle class left to hold up the whole edifice because our manufacturing base has been decimated by globalist trade deals.

The Constitution is already virtually a dead letter, but it will be completely dead if America stays on its current trajectory and becomes a third world country. I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to scream at the computer screen, “Would you please watch The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance!” when engaging Cruz supporters, Rand supporters and other anti-Trumpers.

Now is not the time to box check your conservative list. Now is not the time to hand-wring about decorum. You live in an uncivilized and hostile environment that wants you out of the way, literally and figuratively. You can box check your list or use Emily Post as your standard for judging a candidate after the realm has been secured, but not before. The current times do not call for a Ransom Stoddard. They call for a Tom Doniphon.

I’m not making any promises about how successful a Trump Presidency will be, but he’s the closest candidate to a Tom Doniphon we have right now. A lot of the issues with his persona and demeanor that his critics complain about are a feature of the kind of candidate we need at this time, not a bug. Anti-Trumpers please note, the enemy didn’t blame the “toxic” rhetoric of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich or Rand Paul for the recent reign of chaos. They blamed Donald Trump. They know who their real enemy is. So should you.

Anti-Trumpers Please Watch The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Source: Anti-Trumpers, Please Watch The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance | The Economic Populist