Article: Embedded Oct. 21-23 | Ukraine’s Nationalist War Re-Igniting |Part I of II

Human beings have been trying to change each other’s minds since they first discovered they had them.

==Brainwashing: The science of thought control (Kathleen Taylor)

You can acculturate people to believing that tyranny is freedom, and that as a consequence their limits are actually liberties. That is what this surveillance state does, by training people to accept their own conformity so they no longer even realize the ways in which they’re being limited.

==Shadow Government: Surveillance, Secret Wars, and a Global Security State in a Single-Superpower World (Tom Engelhardt)

Long piece, but insightful into the truth of the American/NATO, Ukraine gambit. Overwhelmed by the news of Ebola, domestic terror threats and the painfully obnoxious electioneering, but simmering nicely, stoked by the Gladio/CIA/NATO right-wing armies doing what they have been doing since created in 1947 and our very evident plans to destroy Putin, preempt his dedolarization campaign and Russia’s inconvenient nationalism, the “Ukraine Crises” has been pushed out of our consciousness. America is the Johnny Appleseed of chaos, sowing it wherever we can and the chaos on the Russian border is only dormant in our own minds. Increasingly restrictive bounded rationality only allows our entertainment enfeebled minds to focus on a limited number of domestic and international crises at any one point in time, but that does not mean they are not happening.

The war of the worlds has already begun. The war for our minds began generations ago. Freedom starts with each and every one of us. It requires training, discipline and self-introspection but most of all, it requires skepticism of everything you think you know about reality. When you think of the Jolly Green Giant stop thinking of green peas and when you think of Apple expunge your seemingly innate desire to have the new Iphone 6. How can you even remotely think of yourself as free when all of the thoughts and desires you have are not your own, but are placed there by the corporatist propaganda machinery of a fascist system that seeks to enslave you?

As anticipated by Kissinger, Panetta and a recent article in Foreign Affairs, the important mouthpiece for the CFR, the power elites and hidden state (I will find the article and comment on it), we have embarked on a new 30 years war–a war that practically destroyed the European continent and decimated its people from 1618-1648, but also glowingly, for the world ordering globalists, led to the Peace of Westphalia. World Government is worthy of our suffering and our self-destruction under the guidance of elites who will never be at risk, at least that is the clear message I garner from the tea leaves.

We are at war and we, the people of America and the vast majority of the citizens of the world, are the cannon fodder for a vision of the future most of us would not likely live to see. If another Peace of Westphalia is the wet-dream of the unelected ruler-guardians of the “West” and thus, in an act of unrestrained hubris, the entire human race, the cost is unacceptably high and the end goal, a global plutocratic tyranny that is diametrically opposed to the centrifugal forces of human history, disastrously unattainable. 

Hell has been unleashed upon us. The talking heads on your digitized screens will never speak the truth, nor will anyone in government today or in the future, as they have not done so in the past.  Even if there are a few voices of reason among the nation’s intellectual or media elites, their voices can never be effective. Besides being in a tiny minority, the bearers of truths that are laid bare at the feet of an astoundingly ignorant and disconnected citizenry only relegates these few to the fringe elements of society, exactly where the power structure wants them.  

Ukraine’s Nationalist War Re-Igniting

For three days I was escorted by Ghost Battalion (Prezrak) around Donetsk, Lugansk and towns and areas hit by Kiev’s war in Donbass. The Novo Russia Army’s Ghost Battalion gave me unparalleled access to everything I wanted to see. While there are understandable limits because of security issues which included my own, how often do you get to meet with and ask questions directly to the military leaders running a war? Why would they give me this much access?

After the Minsk agreement went into effect nationalist Kiev forces wasted no time rearming and staging heavy weapons including tanks and artillery pieces by the hundreds in strategic locations they were supposed to have left. While sending a group of soldiers off to the ATO (civil war) Cabinet Minister Farion stated bluntly that Ukraine exists for the sole purpose of destroying Russia. We will start with the Russians in Donbass and finish when we destroy Moscow. Ukraine must be the tip of the spear starting WW3!

Even now trainloads of war machines and soldiers are moving into the area around Donetsk, near Lugansk, and Mariupol. According to the best intelligence on the ground Poroshenko is about to break the cease in hostilities on a large scale once again.

In reality Kiev has not stopped attacking. Ukraine’s forces have kept up the onslaught against the Novo Russia army. News about cleansing operations in towns under Ukrainian control is reported by survivors that escape. A few days ago Kiev again shelled Donetsk with phosphorus burning a section of the city.

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