Articles: The Obamacare Fraud

Are we collectively this stupid, so stupid that we allow this total bulls..t from these criminals? The answer is, once again, obvious. 

pres-obama-laughingAs millions of Americans struggle with additional increases in their healthcare premiums, loss of their preferred coverage, loss of family doctors, loss of full-time employment and other adverse effects of Obamacare implementation, we are seeing the resurrection of several timeworn arguments from its supporters on PELOSI LAUGHINGsocial media, advocacy groups, and of course, the modern-day media.  Although many in number, certain stalwart augments of the Left get my attention in that key misrepresentations now seem to be woven into the fabric of the American masses.

Perhaps the most galling of these surviving misconceptions is the phony basis upon which Obamacare was sold, which was in order to aid some “47 million uninsured Americans.” This statistic is simply dishonest.  President Obama, with the help from his friends in the modern-day media, perpetuated this fabricated number knowing it to be false.  A simple breakdown of this estimated number reveals the ruse:

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