Articles: The War on Black People in South Carolina: the First Casualty is Truth.
  • Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.
  • Propaganda cannot immediately affect strong counter-tendencies; instead it must offer some form of action or diversion, or both
  • Propaganda may be facilitated by leaders with prestige.
  • Propaganda must be carefully timed.
  • Propaganda must label events and people with distinctive phrases or slogans.

Bernays argued that the strongest propaganda mobilizes the pre-existing beliefs of the audience by the introduction of new and verifiable facts to elicit changes in overt behaviour

Bernays conceptualised the process leading to behavioural change as the engineering of public consent, or alternatively, crystallization of public opinion.”

four_domains-thumb-500x375==Implications of the Propaganda Approaches of Edward Bernays and Joseph Goebbels for the UK’s Research, Information and Communication Unit (RICU) —      (Fricano, Guy)

Strategic Trends 2007-2036, the 91-page report is a blueprint for UK´s future strategic national requirements through the analysis of key risks and future shocks to the world’s financial, economic, political, demographic and technological areas and markets.

  • The growing gap between majority and a small number of highly visible super-rich is likely to pose an increasing threat to social order and stability. Faced by these challenges, the world’s under-privileged might unite, using access to knowledge, resources and skills to shape transnational processes in their own class interest.
  • The result of the growing desperation on the part of humanity will result in “civil war, intercommunal violence, insurgency, pervasive criminality and widespread disorder.”

tavistocknerves300bw72The theory of social turbulence, a so-called “softening up effect of future shocks” was developed by two prominent psychologists, Eric Trist and Frederick Emery – wherein a population could be softened up through mass phenomena such as energy shortages, economic and financial collapse, or terrorist attack.

“If the ‘shocks’ were to come close enough to each other and if they were delivered with increasing intensity, then it was possible to drive the entire society into a state of mass psychosis,” claimed Trist and Emery. They also stated that “individuals would become disassociated, as they tried to flee from the terror of the shocking, emerging reality; people would withdraw into a state of denial, retreating into popular entertainments and diversions, while being prone to outbursts of rage.”

This is called breaking the morale through the strategy of terror.

==TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction (Estulin, Daniel)

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We live in a world of mass delusion. From the markets in practically everything the power of the myth making propaganda machinery has become a self-perpetuating process that cannot allow itself to end, but end it will. Everyone of us are manipulated pawns in a game of chess where even the chess players themselves have become totally engulfed within the delusional world of their own making.

Particle or wave, our reality collapses to the instant of observation, but our observations are totally reconstructed from the guidance of others, the media, the State, the power elite’s systems of propagated, meme’s and supportive myths. We are defying all rationality now, and as we head into the center of chaos the webs of deceit are suffocating us all, America and the world. How distraught and extraordinarily panicked most of us will be when the true reality finally asserts itself and the false logic that supports the increasingly stretched to the breaking point absurdities of the delusional state that has been created around us finally collapses. And collapse it will.

For the present, however, despite the brainwashed ingrained idea that you are in control of your opinions, try and understand that most of what you think, certainly on the macro, broader world around you is a fiction created by others to deceive and manipulate you. The optimal state for a population to be subject to complete control is during periods of disorienting chaos– that is what is happening now, that is what has been planned.

Paranoid it may sound but today, more than ever before, trust is a four letter word. 

Mass murder was not enough.  Not for the army of reporters who soon after the South Carolina killings surrounded this truth with a bodyguard of lies.The shooting was part of a pattern of white on black violence wildly out of proportion, journalists told us over and over. The tragedy also reminded many scribes of the so-called epidemic of arson against black churches in the 1990s. Neither of which are true.

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Source: Articles: The War on Black People in South Carolina: the First Casualty is Truth.