Have We All Become Manchurian Candidates

What extraordinary evolutionary leap in human nature or within the social organism called American “civilization” has occurred that even the most gullible fool could conclude that the criminal conspiracies of the CIA, Military, the myriad of known and unknown covert agencies of the hidden state have ended all programs associated with mind control, brainwashing and other methods of human and population control?

Have we as a people and a nation become more or less moral, more or less ethical, more or less corrupt, more or less respectful of the rule of law? Did we make some unfathomable transition to a society that would never torture, never experiment on any citizen without their express approval, never attempt to control the minds and behaviors of individuals or of large populations of Americans, never try drugs, radiation or other “scientific” illegal, immoral experiments on the people of this nation?

2k9993efcb90In the 40 or so years since the CIA and military publicly pronounced the end of such totally disgusting experiments, they were forced to do only by their discovery by the Church Committee and other investigations by Congress, what has occurred that allows anyone to believe that these experiments have truly ended? We live in a nation where our elites apparently have no regrets over the death of millions  in foreign lands for purposes of empire, justified by such absurd Tavistock Institute propaganda memes like “humanitarian intervention”, “collateral damage” “duty to protect” to name just a few of the Orwellian terms, where torture on foreign soil is acceptable even though now submerged.

How can it be rational to believe that the foundational concept of these divergences from our humanity that “the ends justifies the means”, even when the ends actually are noble goals, does not still permeate every pore of our political and power elite? Not even taking into account the simple truth that the majority of stated ends are lies wrapped in lies and are immoral, unethical, unconstitutional and based solely on the two most important ends of our ruling elites; power and greed, we must be a deeply brainwashed nation to believe still that these types of experiments have ended.

Not only have they likely not ended, but as brain science and technology has taken exponential leaps since these early known programs, one can easily conclude that the theories of mind and population control 40-50 years in the past have now become reality. The majority of Americans have become nothing more that Manchurian Candidates.