Behind the CIA’s Failed Coup in Turkey: Was It Only a Dry Run?

russian dollsThere is zero chance that the attempted coup in Turkey was not planned or even executed by the CIA or it’s representatives in Turkey, a nation where, for the past 40 plus years, the CIA and NATO have directed numerous Operation Gladio B attacks on the Turkish people in order to control the political narrative. This story is far from over, though the truth will likely never be known and the reasons for the coup’s apparent failure is also a fabricated story by the propaganda machinery of the American empire. The “establishment” once again has underestimated the power of the new technologies of communication, technologies that can reach out to the people instantly and in real time, now in live stream video.

The unified chorus of anti-Erdogan covers in the global western press wreaks of the old CIA propaganda tricks. Question every damn thing that the major media outlets, right or left, say about any major event. This is particularly true when dealing with foreign affairs, for this is where the covert hidden States operatives all synchronise their watches. There is little discord among the power elites that rule us when dealing with issues off of America’s shores. Questioning the narrative when in the inner circles would be very, very dangerous to one’s health.

This is a must watch video, to the end. Sibel Edmonds is one of the original whistleblowers out of the American covert State. Nothing is as it seems. 

Hints at a developing western narrative on the failed coup in Turkey?

The fact the Guardian (The UK-Guardian) is giving a sympathetic ear to Fethullah Gülen, the man Turkish president Erdogan alleges was behind the failed coup, could be a hint at some of the complex realities and conflicting loyalties here. As indeed can the media’s sudden and renewed discovery of the Erdogan government’s long history of brutality, which is also being freshly aired by the BBC.

turkey gladioThe Guardian article even suggests the coup may have been staged by Erdogan to increase his own popularity. Again this is interesting. In general it’s only regimes we’re being invited to disapprove of or demonise that are accused of shady dealings and false flags. Any suggestion that a friendly nation could stage a fake coup would usually be greeted with cries of “conspiracy theory.”

So it looks as if Erdogan is in an ambiguous position with his masters in Washington right now. A development that may not be entirely unconnected with Erdogan’s recent overtures of conciliation toward Russia.

Erdogan is demanding Gülen’s extradition, and the US is requesting evidence of the latter’s guilt before considering its position, whatever that will turn out to mean. And the Incirlik air base is apparently still intermittently being closed for use by the Pentagon, for reasons that remain unclear.

Time will no doubt reveal more. But we can at least detect the broad strokes of an emerging narrative. Erdogan’s brutality is no longer inadmissible in the neoliberal media. And Gülen is being sold to us as a more acceptable potential alternative.

Source: Hints at a developing western narrative on the failed coup in Turkey? | OffGuardian

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GLADIO SUMMER: Istanbul Airport Attack, Who Knew, Who Benefits?

Terror in Turkey

According to the latest count, 44 people were killed during the recent terror attack at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport. The heavily coordinated assault, is also said to have injured between 239-250 others, and is said to have been carried out by three suicide bombers.

As details of the attack are slowly drip-fed from various international media outlets, we’re told that authorities first exchanged gunfire with gunmen who opened fire after failing to pass through standard airport security barriers. The three men then separately detonated bombs in two different terminals, and as well as just outside an airport exit nearby a parking structure.

An unnamed senior official with the Turkish government has stated that the Istanbul airport attackers are believed to have arrived from Raqqa, Syria, about a month ago and that ‘ISIS leadership’ were involved in the terror siege at Atatürk International Airport.

Additionally, the alleged attackers believed to have taken part in the Istanbul attack are said to have come from Russia, namely Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Prior Knowledge

Oddly, only a day prior to this major attack, the US State Dept. issues a travel warning for Turkey, citing imminent ‘terrorist’ activity.