Bernie’s Capitulation and Hillary’s Syrian War to Come

Isn’t it obvious that they’re lining up support for a showdown with Russia?

The Wall Street Journal reports: “Obama administration officials have expressed concern that attacking the Assad regime could lead to a direct conflict with Russia and Iran.” Well, duh.

hillary-clinton-mother-of-mass-murder-along-with-condaleeza-riceMy guess is that Hillary will risk that. The sad thing is that she’ll have some erstwhile Bernie supporters (firmly against the “billionaire class” but clueless about U.S imperialism in general) standing there behind her, and likely Bernie himself. Some “political revolution”—that channels its children into another imperialist war, maybe the biggest, most reckless one yet.

Maybe this time the war will occur under conditions of military conscription, targeting as always 18 to 25-year-olds, now including women, no college deferments applicable.

What a triumph for Hillary it will be,

should boys and girls both die in World War III.

Bernies Capitulation and Hillarys Syrian War to Come


Source: Bernie’s Capitulation and Hillary’s Syrian War to Come