Revolt of the elites against the people. Will Not Allow Britain To Ever Exit

The power elites will never relinquish power, nor will they stop as they implement the final stages of the next major phase of their multi-generational efforts to destroy the national sovereignty of every state that comprises what is still called the “West”. America is the biggest prize, the destruction of which is the most essential process before the New World Order can be accomplished. However, in the interim Britain will never be allowed to leave the EU, this despite the strong majority of the British people voted to leave the stranglehold of the bureaucratic technocracy in Brussels.

Democracy is only a convenient mirage for the global power elites. It is a quaint anachronism that serves, every few years, to milk the people’s democratic propensities and leave them exhausted without the will to push through the lies of the control system of the elites that pollutes the very air we all breathe. Clearly, as you can see below, the former English Prime Minister,David Cameron, used his departure to reward all those that the elites may be relying on down the road with a historical absurd bounty. It all makes sense. The people’s will is not going to be effected. Democracy is a total sham.

Former PM David Cameron facing MPs’ inquiry after resignation honors list is published that would ’embarrass a medieval court’

David Cameron is facing the prospect of an inquiry into his resignation honors list after it emerged he has given a civil servant involved in the nominations process a peerage.

The full list was published on Thursday and reveals how Mr. Cameron awarded 62 former aides, donors and senior Remain campaigners’ peerages, knighthoods and other titles as his last act as Prime Minister.

One of the most controversial names on the peerages’ list was Laura Wyld, the head of Prime Minister’s Appointments, whose job at Downing Street involved helping nominate individuals for honours before they are vetted by Whitehall committees.

-Former PM David Cameron facing MPs inquiry after resignation honours list is published that would emb

Betraying Brexit: the revolt of the elites against the people 

Why is everyone so chilled out about the threats to Brexit? Why isn’t there more public fury over the plotting of lords and academics and experts to stymie Brexit and thwart the will of 17.4m people? In all the years I’ve been writing about politics, I cannot remember a time when democracy has been treated with as much disgust, with as much naked, Victorian-era elitism, as it is being today. And yet we’re all bizarrely mellow. We’re going about our business as if everything is normal, as if the elites aren’t right now, this very minute, in revolt against the people. We need to wake up.

Every day brings fresh news of the revolt of the elite, of the march of the neo-reactionaries against the mandate of the masses. At the weekend it was revealed that Brexit might not happen until 2019, because David Davis and Liam Fox can’t get their departments in order, the amateurs. The lovers of the EU and loathers of the blob could barely contain their glee. March for Europe, a celeb-backed, media-cheered chattering-class outfit agitated by the throng and the dumb decision it made on 23 June, spied an opportunity to do over Brexit entirely. ‘[W]e can help delay Brexit further and ultimately defeat it altogether,’ it said yesterday. ‘We can win this.’

Betraying Brexit the revolt of the elites against the people

Brexit Delayed Is Brexit Denied? British Prime Minister Might Postpone EU Exit Kickoff

According to several media, notably the Sunday Times, Britain could delay until 2019 the triggering of the “Article 50” procedure to start negotiations to leave the European Union, making the effective Brexit date unlikely before 2021, or even much later.

The Sunday Times said that the British civil service was not prepared yet for starting the negotiations that Prime Minister Theresa May had been expected to kick off in 2017.

Pending presidential elections in France and national elections in Germany in 2017, The Times added, could result in the election of new head of state that would be more amenable to Britain’s wishes.

Brexit could be delayed until late 2019 with Whitehall departments not yet ready to trigger Article 5

-Brexit Delayed Is Brexit Denied British Prime Minister Might Postpone EU Exit Kickoff

Brexit won’t happen even if we vote to leave the EU in referendum, says David Cameron’s father-in-law 

    Lord William Astor is Samantha Cameron’s stepfather