It’s a Big Day For Fraud, It’s a Big Day For Hillary–perhaps.

It’s going to be a big day– on the Democratic side–Clinton may win, but if so, it could very likely be due to an amazing number of dead people voting, for clearly America must be filled with zombies given the amount of media time given to the rapid expansion of our zombiefication, as well as many techniques of voter fraud learned and executed over the decades by both sides of the fictional, factional fairytale (just had to add another f for the full, fabulous and fun alliteration!) divide among the transnationalist, fascist neocons of the ruling elite. 

A few things learned from the Democratic Candidates!

* The economy sucks and after 7 years in office, it’s not Obama’s fault.

* The Middle Class is shrinking rapidly and after 7 years in office, it’s not Obama’s fault.

* Average family income is continuing to drop and after 7 years in office, it’s not Obama’s fault.

* Black youths have over a 50% unemployment rate and after 7 years in office it’s not Obama’s fault.

* Hispanic youth unemployment is over 35% and after 7 years in office, it’s not Obama’s fault.

* 50% of the population is paying 100% of all the taxes and they are still not paying their “fair share.”  The other 50% are not receiving nearly enough free stuff and deserve more.

* Everyone who votes Democrat will work less, make more money, get more time off, spend more time with family, pay less taxes, and get more government subsidies.

* Government wants even more money to squander on old promises already broken.

* Being a “Progressive” is less cringeworthy than saying you’re a Liberal.

* When America grows up, we want to be Norway, Sweden or the Netherlands .

* There’s a quagmire in Iraq and Obama’s complete retreat from there has nothing to do with the situation.

* Republicans want dirty air, oil spills, trash in the streets, polluted oceans, no medical treatment, young people without any education being paid the lowest possible wages, starving children, were responsible for Jim Crow Laws and don’t believe in equal rights.

* Snowden and General Petraeus broke laws for releasing and not securing secret documents but Hillary Clinton shares no responsibility for doing WORSE.

* If Hillary is elected, everything will be rainbows and Unicorns – just like with Obama.

* Hillary Clinton does walk on water.

* Cheaters do prosper.

* People often cheer stupidity.

* There is only one candidate given a voice in the Democrat Race.

* Hillary and Bill Clinton were born poor Black Children.

* All the qualifications needed to be President is to be a woman.

* Evil looks like anything white, rich, successful and productive.

* You will receive a participation trophy in life.

* Agreements of any kind should be signed and committed to, even if the other agreeing party doesn’t live up to its obligations.

* Everyone else does it, so should we, regardless of any results in those other countries.

* Everything is still Bush’s fault.

“When injustice becomes law, then resistance becomes duty.”–Jefferson

A few more!

32 Things We Learned From the Democratic Debate

Even Hillary Supporters Aren’t That Excited For Hillary

In a gymnasium at Rollins College, a woman in a campaign t-shirt stood on the bleachers and began clapping in an attempt to lead the people in pro-Hillary cheers.

“I believe that she will win,” she chanted, trying to get the crowd to join. Only a smattering did.

Most stood with their hands in their pockets, chatted with a neighbor or browsed their phones. A man with a Bernie Sanders t-shirt laughed with another attendee.

But the campaign worker was undeterred.

“I say Hillary, you say fire!” the woman chanted. “Hillary, Fire!” she said.

Most of the people weren’t on fire for Hillary.

“When I say Hillary, you say champion!”

If this unenthusiastic crowd is any indication, it may be a long election day for the current Democratic front runner.