Bill Clinton suffers minor injuries chasing MSNBC intern
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COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA- Witnesses are coming forward saying that Former President William J. Clinton suffered minor injuries back stage while his wife Hillary Clinton attended a town hall event during her presidential campaign. According to a dozen witnesses, Bill Clinton started talking to Nicole Reynolds, a 22 year-old make up intern for the MSNBC reporters present at the town hall meeting, shortly after his arrival at the event center.

“There wasn’t anything malicious at first” reported Brian Hazely, a Custodian at the event center “We couldn’t really hear what they were saying but as time went on you could see she got more and more uncomfortable and even tried to walk away from him. The problem was he kept following her everywhere she went, she just couldn’t get away from him.”

“No one knew what to do” Alex Knight, an audio technician said to one reporter “We were told specifically not to engage or even speak to any members of Clinton’s staff, let alone Bill Clinton. We could do nothing, It was a very uncomfortable thing for everyone to have to watch. The ironic thing was while this whole scene was going down we could hear Hillary talking about women’s rights over the speakers.”

Another witness, Rebeca Johnson, reported that eventually the aging former president managed to corner the young intern by the refreshment stand “At that point he started to get a little more aggressive, he even pulled a cigar out of his coat pocket and showed it to her and that’s when she started to panic and looked like she was going to start screaming. That’s when Hillary’s campaign manager ran over and put his hand over her mouth so that the people out in the event wouldn’t hear her shrieking.”

“At that point Bill grabbed her skirt and she bit Hillary’s campaign manager’s hand” Johnson continued “She darted out from that corner away from Bill Clinton while he still had a hold of her skirt and in the process pulled him with her causing him to fall down, as he did her skirt tore. That’s when the Clinton’s personal security team rushed over with a EMS personnel. They were worried about what a fall like that could do to a man of his age but he only had a scraped hand, a small abrasion on his nose, and a bruise on his elbow from what I could gather.”

Immediately members of Clinton’s staff started doing damage control as the witnesses observed some of the higher ranking members traveling with the Clinton’s lead Reynolds to a more private area, presumably for some kind of hush money speculated some witnesses. No one claimed to see the intern after that while Bill Clinton was brought to a VIP lounge where he remained for the rest of the event.

No comment has been made about the incident from Hillary or her staff as of yet.

Source: Bill Clinton suffers minor injuries chasing MSNBC intern