Billions of Dollars in Federal Spending Not Reported–(Surprised? I hope not)

If sunlight is the best disinfectant than total darkness is? Darkness is winning in America, darkness is winning around the world.

Obama.LaughingA Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit from June found that federal agencies failed to report nearly $619 billion in grants, loans, voucher programs, and other forms of federal assistance to during fiscal year 2012. In other words, nearly one-quarter of the $2.6 trillion spent on federal assistance that year went unreported.

The GAO report, titled Data Transparency: Oversight Needed to Address Underreporting and Inconsistencies on Federal Award Website, found that although agencies generally reported required information for government contracts, they did not properly report information on grants and other federal assistance. This federal spending information is supposed to be reported to, a website created in 2007 by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to bring transparency to government spending. As of January 2013—two months after the deadline for reporting fiscal year 2012 awards—agencies had not properly reported 342 programs, 27 of which belong to the Department of Health of Human Services (HHS) totaling $543 billion. Another 5 assistance awards totaling $64 billion went unreported by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). In total, failed reporting by HHS and the VA make up 98 percent of the missing $619 billion in assistance awards spending. The GAO was not able to break the $619 billion down into discrete spending categories.

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via Billions of Dollars in Federal Spending Not Reported.

All lies, all lies—but why, what is really going on in this nation, who is really making the decisions that are driving America into chaos and collapse along with the entire world? More importantly, why in the name of God are we so damn docile, so lobotomized in our complacency? We are like sheep to the slaughter. Chaos is the goal and chaos will be achieved on a scale that few can yet imagine. This is not stupidity and ignorance, it is planned, methodical and well thought out. 

What may appear like stupidity, ignorance or weaknesses if repeated again and again creates a pattern, the pattern indicates the events that, when isolated, appear unconnected are not. It suggests a well thought out plan—the plan, I am afraid, does not include our freedoms nor our personal wellbeing….something is going on and it is not good.

I must admit as I come to realize that the events and the planned crimes that our “leaders” produced around WWl, Pearl Harbor, Korea, Gulf of Tonkin, Iraq l and ll, 9/11 and the current destruction of all moral and ethical foundations of this nation and of Western civilization itself, there is something going on that transcends my ability to comprehend…perhaps I had better find a path to actually truly believe in some form of higher power—as most of what is happening is so overwhelming that the chaos is beyond most of our minds ability to comprehend….none of this is good.

There is true evil about and I am having a hard time grappling with it… But one thing I am sure of, it is going to get a hell of a lot worse and those that think changing the dynamics of the totally corrupted institutionalized, systematic looting and destruction of this nation in November’s elections will have any effect on the direction of this nation and the world is heading in, your belief in the sanctity of our “democracy” will be proven to be radically, sorrowfully misplaced. The writing is already on the wall. “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin”