Black pastors rally in support of HB2, saying LGBT rights are not civil rights

It might be a basic characteristic of existence that those who would know it completely would perish, in which case the strength of a spirit should be measured according to how much of the “truth” one could still barely endure.—Beyond Good and Evil

A young shepherd did I see, writhing, choking, quivering, with distorted countenance, and with a heavy black serpent hanging out of his mouth. Had I ever seen so much loathing and pale horror on one countenance? Had he perhaps gone to sleep? Then had the serpent crawled into his throat – there had it bitten itself fast. My hand pulled at the serpent, and pulled – in vain!

I failed to pull the serpent out of his throat. Then there cried out of me: ‘Bite, bite! ‘Its head off! Bite!’ – so cried it out of me; my horror, my hatred, my loathing, my pity, all my good and bad cried with one voice out of me.

 —Friederich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra 

The progressive/socialist destruction of America is in the 9th inning..they intend to destroy this nation-state and leave just the State, a police State ruled by self-anointed elites who have come to understand that the truth can only be found by those that agree with them. Facts and majority opposition are irrelevant and eventually will be forcefully and violently suppressed.

These courageous pastors, many of them black men and women will not be heard, will not gain the media attention that the leftist radicals would have gained if they were protesting instead of supporting the South Carolina bill as these voices of the majority of Americans.

About 40 preachers, mostly African-American, rallied on the State Capitol grounds on Tuesday to take offense at comparing the fight for LGBT protections to the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

Source: Black pastors rally in support of HB2, saying LGBT rights are not civil rights | News & Observer


We need to scream enough. We need to rip the snake from our throats and yell “Bite, bite!! It’s head off! Bite!”

Yiannopoulos’ talk was abruptly halted when a group of activists stormed the stage and allegedly threatened to punch the speaker in the face.

The protesters refused to leave the stage and snatched the microphone from the interviewer’s hand during the event about free speech.

Student and church minister Edward Ward (pictured top, and center in video below), along with a female accomplice, chanted against Donald Trump and screamed pro-Bernie Sanders statements in front of a crowd of hundreds.

You get Charleston. These are what you get as a result of his type of speech and rhetoric.”

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The political science graduate also claimed: “You have a bunch of white people who wanna actually say a bunch of racist s*** and that’s not okay.”

His as-yet unnamed female accomplice claimed on stage she had been silenced “for 200 years”.

But the audience were left shocked after university security guards partially paid for by Yiannopoulos allegedly failed to intervene and stayed at the back of the venue – prompting chants of “do your job”.

Heat Street has contacted DePaul University for comment.

He then led a crowd to the college principal’s office to protest the shutdown of his speech.

Yiannopoulos told the audience: “I suggest we walk to the president’s office and complain now.

“Let us go and express how you feel to the president about your safety.”

The chaos continued outside where the audience clashed with left-wing activists.

Yiannopoulos said to Breitbart: “Will DePaul have the courage to discipline Edward Ward for his behaviour?

“In a normal world they would, but there’s a nasty institutionalised habit of letting left-wing activists get away with the worst of offences.

“After all, despite forking out nearly a grand in security costs, they wouldn’t even stop the activists from storming the stage.”


Total Bullshit

Source: DePaul SJW Ringleader Says Milo ‘Threatens My Safety’, Could Cause Massacres | Heat Street