Black rage–systemic risks massively under appreciated

The seriousness of the destruction of humanity, empathy and any semblance of civility, let alone respect for the law in many destitute black communities across this nation has been totally under reported, intentionally so, by almost all media. This seething cesspool of anger and violence has not been caused by racist police. It has not been created by the police at all. It is a direct result of the destruction, at the hands of the progressive State, of all family values, of religion, of social and moral virtues, of all absolutes and anything remotely resembling civic or personal pride.

ferguson-protest-news-commenter (1)We have allowed the creation of a system of ghetto’s from which few can escape in a process of welfarization and dependency that is now all but immutable. The last liberal who was allowed to discuss these issues with clarity and foresight without being denounced by the Democratic Party and the liberal intelligentsia (of which he was miles above in intellectual honesty) was the great Daniel Patrick Moynihan in his 1965 dead-on, The Negro Family: The Case For National Action where he conclude that “The steady expansion of welfare programs can be taken as a measure of the steady disintegration of the Negro family structure over the past generation in the United States.” 

But even his thesis must be reexamined with the passage of time for the responsibility of the destruction of all family induced values in the black ghetto’s can only be partially blamed on what were then still only recently redacted Jim Crow laws. The real systemic culprit is the cycle of perpetual dependency produced by the Welfare State and the lack of freedom of local communities to make adaptive reforms to their schools and other critical services. It can now be very strongly stated that the opposite conclusion from Moynihan’s study can be made, the steady disintegration of the black family structure and all socially productive civic organizations over the past generations can be measured not only by the expansion of welfare programs, but also by their generational perpetuation.   

Give them freedom to adapt, freedom to be resilient and to determine and manage their own communities, but most importantly give them freedom from the dictatorial, corrosive hands of a central bureaucratic State whose servants care solely for the perpetuation of the system as it exists. We are going to face massive violence soon when the inevitable dependency weaning process is forced upon these communities, of course, it is likely that violent chaos will occur across a wide swath of racial and socioeconomically defined communities in this nation. Socioeconomic and financial collapse have no color codes.

The government seems to be well on its way to being very well prepared.