The Bloody Hands of Hillary Clinton–They May Be Coming For Many Of Us Soon

bloody 2You have seen all of this before over the years, although the body count just keeps on growing. Dismissed as coincidences, the legions of those close to the Clinton’s that have died, mostly in unexpected and questionable circumstances, have considerably more in common than some previous simple social encounter with the Clinton’s. They likely had insights through direct knowledge of their crimes, their hidden behaviors and other aspects of their lives that would shed the light of truth on their fabricated false narratives. It is difficult to imagine such a lengthy list of those who have died, well before they reached the age of Bill and Hillary today, is just simply coincidence. Very hard indeed.

Do not underestimate the level of corruption and moral deviancy that exudes like swamp miasma from the Clinton’s. Unfortunately, they are the tip of the iceberg of a debased, amoral psychopathy that infects a far too large number of the ruling elites, both in America and around the world. The evidence, no matter how overwhelming, is kept hidden from the public by a complicit media and elite that have become perverted by their power and self-important group narcissism, perhaps even their evil.

keep-calm-it-s-just-a-coincidenceIs it possible that many, if not most of these deaths are not purely chance, being in the wrong spot at the wrong time or sudden ill-health, but something more sinister? Of course it is. Should those who oppose this despicable beast named Hillary be afraid of her taking the reins of power in America? Absolutely.

“Friends” of Hillary Clinton, let alone enemies, have a strange habit of turning up dead if they ever find themselves tempted to turn on her.  Now, there are plenty of conspiracy theories out there that make outlandish connections to unsolved murders in Arkansas, tangential ex parte motives to try and tie the Clintons to every bump in the night.

This is not that.

This is a list of a surprising number of people who end up dead who were DIRECTLY involved with the Clinton inner circle, either part of the Administration, their lawyers, their doctors etc.  A couple or a few mysterious deaths is one thing and can be overlooked, but the fact that this is only PART ONE because the list is so long, belies the notion of random happenstance.

Let’s start with how the safest form of travel seems to be a death trap for any associate of the Clintons.

Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, April 1996: The former DNC Chairman was under investigation for defrauding the Federal government of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Brown was willing to make a deal and vowed that he “would not go down alone.”  Ironically, Brown was right because before he had a chance to testify against the Clinton’s his plane flew into a mountain for “inexplicable” reasons, killing all 34 passengers on board save two (but I’ll get to that in a second).

It is inexplicable because no black box was recovered.  But what about the survivors.  For one there was Ron Brown who didn’t die due to the plane crash but what the pathologists found to be consistent with a bullet hole from a .45 caliber round in the back of his head.  The second was US Air Force Tech SGT Shelley Kelly.  She survived the crash in the rear jump seat of the plane only to die hours later on the way to the hospital in an ambulance.

On top of all that, for the first time ever, the Air Force cancelled the safety investigation of a U.S. government plane crash on friendly soil.

Take from that what you will.

Dr. Ronald Rogers DDS March, 1994: The long time dentist of the Clinton’s decided that he would reveal the dirt on the shade the Clinton’s were casting by giving a tell-all interview with the London Sunday Telegraph.  On his way to meet with the reporter his plane, a twin engine Cessna dropped off radar and crashed; it’s fuel tanks still pretty much filled.

Herschel Friday March, 1994: A fund raiser for, benefactor of  and lawyer to the Clinton’s.  He also died when his plane crashed upon landing near his home in Arkansas.

Stanley Heard September, 1993: Chair of Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Commission for the Clinton White House who also treated the Clinton family.  Yet another victim of a plane crash.  Fire was reported on board the plane before it crashed.

Victor Raiser July, 1992:  A finance co-chair of the Clinton’s first run at the Whitehouse was killed, along with his son when their plane crashed during an Alaska fishing trip.  The former finance chair of the DNC was regarded by White House spokeswoman Dee Dee Meyers as a “major player.”

We’ll round out Part one with other deaths that were classified “accidents.”

The Bloody Hands of Hillary Clinton Part 1

bloodyIf you read Part one of this series then you discovered that mechanical failure happens A LOT to Hillary Clinton’s associates who might be thinking of airing out some dirty laundry.

Of course, there are only so many planes that can crash before even the most liberal of media outlets start actually looking into things.

That brings us to the 2nd way that Hillary Clinton “friends” seem to journey to the undiscovered country; Suicide.

It seems like an awful lot of people who know the Clinton’s want to kill themselves.

The most recognized being

-The Bloody Hands of Hillary Clinton Part 2

bloody 2If you have been with us for the first two installments than you know we have delved into how many “accidents” seem to befall Hillary Clinton’s friends as well as how many people who know her seem to end up killing themselves. Well, you can only knock so many planes out of the sky and EVERYONE can’t just up and kill themselves so that leaves the least subtle way; outright murder. And this too has come to pass for a surprisingly high number of former Clinton associates.

The Bloody Hands of Hillary Clinton Part 3

                Source: The Bloody Hands of Hillary Clinton

Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Mysteriously Found Dead –Zero Hedge

Call it conspiracy theory, coincidence or just bad luck, but any time someone is in a position to bring down Hillary Clinton they wind up dead. In fact, as we noted previously, there’s a long history of Clinton-related body counts, with scores of people dying under mysterious circumstances. While Vince Foster remains the most infamous, the body count is starting to build ominously this election cycle – from the mysterious “crushing his own throat” death of a UN official to the latest death of an attorney who served the DNC with a fraud suit.

Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Mysteriously Found Dead

Make No Mistake: “Everyone Who Is Warning About Clinton Is A Target and They Are Marked”

Does everyone (anyone) really think that Trump will be elected? Really?

Obama to Clinton: Passing the Torch of Treachery—
By Jeremiah Johnson

The Obama Administration has been characterized by not only a lack of transparency on issues that surface, but a deliberate obfuscation to mask true actions and intentions.  There are literally no limits to what the man and his handlers will do outside of the law to attain their ends, while simultaneously “crafting” legislation to enslave the citizenry.  The fawning, lying press trumpets his victories and quietly spins his defeats: objectivity cannot be maintained by journalists on the government payroll and command.

Hence a sitting American president, a man who should have been hauled off of a stage in 2012 and clapped in irons for treason is able to do whatever he wants.  Remember?

“Tell Vladimir I’ll have more leeway after the election.”

Now the Congress and the State Department labeled Iran both a “rogue state that supports terrorism” and “a supporter of Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda.”  So my question is where did Obama secure the necessary Congressional approval to airlift $400 million to Iran on January 17, 2016?  More: Since this was Obama’s move, did he not use his position unilaterally and without any Congressional approval to provide funding to a nation that supports (and conducts direct action missions to complement) terrorist activities?  And this is with Iran, that vows to strike the U.S.?

Just as in the same vein, how can we join Russia in a bombing campaign of “boogeyman” ISIL/ISIS when we, the U.S., created it?

Just as in the same vein, how can we send a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) of our military’s finest commandos to stop the slaughter of an American ambassador and his staff in Libya…when we approved of and enabled it?

butcher_to_the_world_bodyThe “administration,” if you prefer that ludicrous term to the true state, the “regime,” is made of Teflon…nothing can touch it.  Fast and Furious proved it.  Hillary’s e-mails proved it.  The cashiering of half of the admiralty and general staff of the United States Armed Forces proved it.  The removal of TARS, of the scrambling of fighters, the scrapping of the A-10 Warthog, the cessation of Tomahawk production…all of these measures prove it.  Obamacare steamrolling through the (at the time) Democrat-controlled Congress…enabled by Senator Olympia Snow (R, Maine) proved it.  The hearings and the deciding vote.

Nothing can stop the administration.  Nothing.  And nothing will be able to stop the next one.

Does everyone really think that Trump will be elected?  Really?  Throughout the past two weeks, he has literally run on “self-destruct” and must have a lobotomized campaign manager.  Haven’t we seen this before, when Romney won the first debate and made a fool out of Obama, and then turned into a neutered eunuch for the next debates?

Do not be fooled: it is all intentional.

There is no such thing as an election, only a controlled paradigm shift with a force-fed theatrical playbill that the dumbed-down public gobbles up.  The two “camps” of Democrat and Republican, and the illusion of a colossal battle, a political “Clash of the Titans” between conservatism and socialism drawing the focus and attention of the people away from surrounding events nationally and in the world

Make No Mistake: “Everyone Who Is Warning About Clinton Is A Target and They Are Marked”