BOMBSHELL – But Only IF You Pay Attention

Karl Denninger, Market Ticker

cvzr2rnueaajebyThere’s a lot of rumor floating around regarding what’s in those 650,000 new emails.  Some of it is well beyond the range of disgusting and into the realm of events that would lead ordinarily-rational people, if the events happened to someone they care about, to personally act in a very violent manner with full knowledge and acceptance that it would lead them to be locked up forever or even face the needle.

The mere existence of this laptop, which is now admitted to be fact, is almost-certainly enough to void any previous immunity deal that anyone got on the premise of having turned over “evidence” or provided “assistance.”  That’s because all immunity deals are conditioned on the person who gets them being truthful in all material respects. The very existence of this device and the material on it, some of which was never previously disclosed, by definition has breached that condition.

The FBI and NYPD both know which of the rumors swirling around this laptop’s discovery are true, and which are not — in other words, exactly what there is evidence of on that device and how strong that evidence (bare text, authenticated text bearing a cryptographic signature such as a DKIM key, audio, video, etc) is.

The entire “Clinton mafia” has demonstrated through repeated acts to be, to an individual, both reckless and arrogant.  The former almost-certainly comes from the latter; they truly believe they can do anything, anywhere at any time whether legal or not and face exactly zero punishment other than perhaps being scolded in public (and none of them care about that!)  In other words none of these people give a damn about OPSEC in any context, including when you’re required to by law, not just by common sense!

Given the last point if a particular rumor does not have supporting evidence on that device it’s probably false because these people are literally so arrogant and so reckless that they would and almost-certainly have discussed it in some way.

We already have a list longer than a repeat felony offender’s arm of proved acts from the publicly-released information, including Comey’s own original presser, of disqualifying acts for Hillary to be elected dogcatcher say much less President of the United States.  In fact Judicial Watch just released an email they pried out under an FOIA request that proves Hillary sent a classified email to Chelsea, her daughter, despite Chelsea lacking any sort of security clearance whatsoever and she sent it to an insecure email account!  That act standing alone is enough to get anyone else indicted as it is federal offense.

I am one of those people who believes that when you take an oath in the interest of national security when it comes to classified information, no matter how much of a bit player you judge your part in the overall scheme of things to be on any given day, you keep it — and if you don’t, you deserve to be at least permanently disqualified from ever holding any office or having access to same ever again, and if actual harm comes to US interests or persons you should go straight to prison.

That’s both how I see it and that’s how pretty-much everyone who I know that does or ever has done work of this sort for the government sees it.  In fact among my associates I know of nobody who views this differently.   Can you, in all sobriety, honestly defend any different perspective?


If we had people in our government who actually did their damn job we’d know what was on that laptop.  We’d know the scope of the conduct that is documented there.  We might not know the specifics, but we’d know the scope.

But we don’t seem to have any of those people in our government.  Not in the NYPD, not in the NY State Police, not in the FBI and definitely not in the DOJ.

Therefore we’re left to draw conclusions based on what we know and what we can prove.

Not what we “feel.”

Being wrong, if we make that mistake, is likely to lead down a road from which this nation cannot recover, and down which many in this nation, perhaps even a majority, will not survive.

Don’t be wrong.

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