Brazil Admits Zika is Not Causing Birth Defects–Total Government Pharma FRAUD!!!!!

eugenicstreeThey are poisoning America at an accelerated rate. Anyone who believes the “science” presented by the CDC and other deeply corrupt organizations and all of the officials that direct them, are not the willing slaves to evil, power and money, might as well go down to the local hospital and demand a real lobotomy, instead of the brainwashed useless mind you carry in your skull now. This is one of the most brazen attempts at population control for the benefit of wealth, power and perhaps even the not so hidden depopulation agenda of the United Nations and other agencies effecting the will of the top hierarchy of the globalist power elites.

Yes, it is hard for good and moral people to believe, but that is what they are counting on: half the population, dumbed down, complacent and still blinded by the goodness of their hearts and the other half totally indoctrinated, brainwashed and directed by an unscrupulous, immoral elite that do not consider them bound by any laws except the law of the jungle.

Zika is a total fraud.

Anthropogenic climate change is a total fraud.

American Democracy is now a total fraud.

The entire political system is now a  total fraud.

Soon, very soon, the new American myths of individual rights, freedoms and all liberties will become a total fraud.

download-orweelThey will kill anyone who stands in their way. Mass death–from abortion, to the slow poisoning from chemical pesticides, to war–even perhaps the controlled experiment with turning Chicago into a city of death, all are as planned. Hard to believe? Not if you do the research and try to open your damn minds and reject the chains of birth to grave propaganda that enslaves you. Awareness and truth are our only hope right now. If we fail to revolt over the coming months, we will have guaranteed the death of everything left that is good, moral and free left in America. It is happening, the end game is unfolding. Can’t you feel the total chaos around you. Do not ask if you are better off than you were 8 years ago, ask if you could have dreamed how dark the fog of planned, intentional chaos has become.

It is not from stupidity or happenstance, it is all happening according to a well executed plan. What is going on in Europe is what Obama and his masters want in America. Simple dialectics: Crisis/ demands for a solution/imposition of solution and total, complete tyranny supported by a police surveillance state that would have given orgasms to Orwell and Huxley.

Zika is simply a system of fear-justifying a government monopoly response designed to profit a few and to control the many. As I have said, and others far more eloquently and vociferously, the Zika false flag is right out of the play book–but this time it is more likely to kill you than control you.

Do Not Let Them Spray!!!! 

Brazil admits Zika is not causing birth defects

Allegations made by the government and establishment media that birth defects in the form of microcephaly in the Americas are caused by the Zika virus are quickly waning. Doctors in Brazil are “quietly acknowledging” that Zika may not be responsible for causing birth defects after all.”We suspect that something more than Zika virus is causing the high intensity and severity of cases,” Fatima Marinho, director of information and health analysis at Brazil’s Health Ministry told the journal Nature in a late July interview.Research conducted by the New England Complex Systems Institute found extremely low occurrences of birth defects among Colombian women infected with the Zika virus, meaning there must be another cause.

New study finds no cases of microcephaly among pregnant women infected with Zika

The study observed 12,000 pregnant women living in Colombia infected with the virus, and none of them gave birth to a baby with microcephaly.

“Four cases of microcephaly were reported with women who didn’t have Zika symptoms and were not part of the study, which is consistent with the normal expected number of cases. Based on estimated numbers there should be about 60,000 pregnant women in Colombia with the Zika virus, yet there are hardly any cases of microcephaly. If the link to Zika is legitimate, there should have been a dramatic increase in the number of babies with microcephaly.”

Could it be that the fears over Zika were perpetuated to invoke profits for several key industries?


Source: Brazil admits Zika is not causing birth defects –