Lock them all up or hang them.

However, there is considerable distance to anything remotely like a finish line. The wounded beast is far more dangerous when cornered. The truth to these evil psychopaths is like garlic to a werewolf so every day that goes by with more revelations, from the pedophile rings being busted around the globe with deep connections to the US, after all who can afford a $50,000 live stream of a baby rape and snuff event, to the Awan brothers clear and unexplainable links to the DNC? Hell, it has now been shown that the brothers favorite YouTube site produced very sexually suggestive child videos, very popular it seems and adored by the pedophile community.

There is only one way to stop the metastasized cancer killing America and all of Western Civilization and that is for Trump and his team to rip the black, maggot infested hearts out of the treasonous, murdering scum and while it is still beating out the dark puss that is their blood, hold it up high and show it to the world. The awakening will be painful for most, impossible for some. However, with years of indoctrination and brainwashing the only way so save us all is to bring the brutal truth to light, no matter how damaging short term to the American psyche. The absolute truth is needed now or we are doomed.

This is, right now, the most dangerous time in American and world history. How this plays out will determine the fate of billions.