Breaking: Orlando shooter may have worked near Chick-fil-A


As law enforcement authorities begin to piece together evidence related to the Orlando shooting, a darker, more sinister image begins to emerge of the mass murderer. In a shocking testimony from his ex-wife, FBI investigators discovered that Omar Mateen had once worked near a Chick-fil-A, and may have visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky.

He was fine with the gay lifestyle,” said his former wife. “In fact, he even joined Gays for Allah and became a leader in the movement with a promising future.” But all that was destined to change. Omar’s ex-wife continued, “One day he came home smelling like chicken, and something in his eyes told me that he was a different man. It was like just standing outside of a Chick-fil-A made you intoxicated with the fumes of intolerance spewing out of their cookers, and he said he couldn’t live this lifestyle any more. He claimed a being he called “Cathy” would visit him and tell him he must repudiate homosexuality. He seemed confused because he thought Cathy was a man. It was then he disappeared for a week.”

Not knowing of his whereabouts during the time of his absence, Omar’s ex-wife said that wherever he had been, he came back more extreme than ever. “I was watching Bill Nye the Science Guy with my children when Omar returned. He stood still for a moment with clenched teeth and fists, and then he darted into the bedroom. Before we knew what was happening, he returned to the living room with an assault rifle and emptied a magazine into the television set. All the while he was shouting, ‘The Ham forbids it!’ It wasn’t until a friend told me about the Bill Nye – Ken Ham debate that I realized where he had been. I was chilled. It was then I knew I had to leave before he poisoned the children with Christian doctrine and creationism.”

FBI director, James Comey, said the latest information made everything clear. “We had nothing to go on except Omar’s Muslim background, previous investigations for associating with known jihadists, claiming links with Islamic terror organizations, and his allegiance to ISIS, so we were understandably confused about his motives. Our protocol rules out Islamic terrorism, so we were certain that Islam had nothing to do with it. But once we found out he had been exposed to Christian radicalism, we knew we had found the missing piece of the puzzle. It all made sense after that, and there was this facepalm moment when we all said, ‘Of course!'”

ACLU lawyers were quicker to pinpoint the source of Omar’s hate in radical Christianity. Numerous tweets showed not only a deep understanding and expertise in Christian doctrine, but also made an ironclad connection between Christian teachings and how they inspire mass murder. “Gosh,” said an awestruck Comey, “how did they see it so fast?”

It is, of course, a matter of historical record that Islam is the religion of peace, tolerance, science, and women’s rights. Had Omar been a Muslim, such a tragedy would never have happened. To believe otherwise is to be guilty of Islamophobia, a hateful ideology the adherents of which must be stoned to death.

Source: Breaking: Orlando shooter may have worked near Chick-fil-A

It was the guns, the Christians, the hate – Killings have nothing to do with radical Islam 

As usual the fiction narrative that Obama, Hillary and their leftist media throws out after any huge mass murder event is the same.  Radical Islam is never the culprit.  Assault weapons and other guns are along with Islam phobia and Christian hate.

DHS is already insisting on more gun control.  Hillary screeched that we must get ‘guns of war’ off the streets.  Included on the cause list of all these shootings are the bigoted mouths of Christians who create the environment of hate causing Muslims to lash out.  Now it is so clear to me as to why radical Muslims round up women and children and burn them alive in cages while others rape, torture and behead others. We, the Christians who notice and hate their murderous behavior cause it all by not wanting more of these people in our country or speaking our concerns out loud.

-It was the guns the Christians the hate The Killings have nothing to do with radical Islam

Source: It was the guns, the Christians, the hate – Killings have nothing to do with radical Islam | Canada Free Press

Homeland floats ‘national security’ as excuse to take guns

The Obama administration has tried repeatedly to push more gun control through Congress, unsuccessfully. It still is trying its hand at a strategy of simply depriving people of their Second Amendment rights.

Now it is signaling a new method, claiming that “gun control” is “part and parcel” of the federal government’s responsibility for homeland security.

It was presented by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson during an appearance on CBS, when he made the claim no less than three or four times that gun control is now “part and parcel” of his agency’s responsibilities.

“I do believe,” he said, “that meaningful, responsible gun control is now part and parcel of homeland security.”

He continued, “It’s critical to public safety. We have to face the fact that meaningful, responsible gun control has to be part of Homeland Security. It’s coming I think the American public has to face.”

Homeland floats national security as excuse to take guns

Source: Homeland floats ‘national security’ as excuse to take guns