Breaking Up California

Yes, and also disembowel our national government. Government and bureaucracy will expand until it can’t and citizens, the “people” just get in the way.

California—Six-States1-550x450Any way you slice it, California is huge: it’s the most populous state in the nation, and the third largest in terms of land mass.

California also boasts the 8th largest economy in the world, but success is slipping.

According to billionaire investor Tim Draper, California’s big failures—such as enormous debt, rising poverty, a crumbling infrastructure, and one of the worst public school systems in the nation—stem from a state that’s simply too big to manage effectively.

“Just think: there are 38 million Californians, but only one governor. How can that governor look out for all 38 million of us?” states a video for Draper’s Six Californias campaign.

Draper built his success backing technology companies such as Hotmail, Tesla Motors, and Skype. Now he wants to turn the Golden State into six sovereign entities based on local specialties (Silicon Valley, for example, would get its own state). Voters will weigh in on the idea in a 2016 ballot measure.

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