Breedlove Network Sought Weapons Deliveries for Ukraine – Strategy Of Tension –

Henry Ford built automotive factories for both the communists and the Nazis, received a medal from Adolph Hitler, and wrote The International Jew, which claimed that Jewish bankers financed Bolshevism. He distributed anti-Semitic material through his newspaper, and his closest friend, Thomas Edison, was a Theosophist.

==Brotherhood of Darkness (Dr. Stanley Monteith)

The government’s use of Nazis and collaborators in intelligence programs has also left a mark on life in the United States itself. This impact is what is known in spy jargon as “blowback,” meaning unexpected—and negative—effects at home that result from covert operations overseas.

According to declassified records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, several mass media organizations in this country—at times working in direct concert with the CIA—became instrumental in promoting cold war myths that transformed certain exiled Nazi collaborators of World War II into “freedom fighters” and heroes of the renewed struggle against communism.3 The general public, for the most part, has had little reason to suspect that anything was amiss. But the facts concerning

==Blowback: America’s Recruitment of Nazis and Its Destructive Impact on Our Domestic and Foreign Policy (Forbidden Bookshelf) (Christopher Simpson)

The exceptional power of the American deep state can be explained by the dual and contradictory nature of that nation, best defined by the oxymoron “imperial democracy.” Within its borders, the United States is an ostensible democracy, but outside, it behaves like an empire or colonial power. The deep state is the invisible heart of the Empire, the command and control center of imperial violence.

This violence must remain hidden from the eyes and consciences of the American citizenry, who must be satisfied that the government acts only to defend the interests of global freedom and democracy. That is why the deep state constantly needs to blow around itself a screen of humanitarian smoke.

==JFK-9/11: 50 Years of Deep State (Laurent Guyénot)

Unfortunately, the ability of the majority of Americans to break out of the ideological fog of their indoctrinated minds. Actual reality is meaningless for the dogmatic, intrenched stubbornness of preconceived, propaganda induced mental constructs make facts, no matter how overwhelming self-evident and contradictory to one’s own intrenched opinions,  can not be conceivably internalized as true. Not without considerable commitment of mental and emotional effort. The American people are among the most brainwashed in the history of humankind, but we can never admit this to ourselves.

From birth to death we are surrounded by propaganda, written supportive histories and absurdly wrong myths generated by the ruling power elites to produce a population of docile, easily manipulated sheep. Their intentions have been effected in the America of today. However, with each opened mind that can de-infect another mind of the deeply embedded false realities and thought constructs,, so well subsumed into our psyches that we no longer can think for ourselves, there is hope.

Wake up America. Wake up.

Working with dubious sourcing, a group close to NATO’s chief military commander Philip Breedlove sought to secure weapons deliveries for Ukraine, a trove of newly released emails revealed. The efforts served to intensify the conflict between the West and Russia.

The newly leaked emails reveal a clandestine network of Western agitators around the NATO military chief, whose presence fueled the conflict in Ukraine. Many allies found in Breedlove’s alarmist public statements about alleged large Russian troop movements cause for concern early on. Earlier this year, the general was assuring the world that US European Command was “deterring Russia now and preparing to fight and win if necessary.”

The emails document for the first time the questionable sources from whom Breedlove was getting his information. He had exaggerated Russian activities in eastern Ukraine with the overt goal of delivering weapons to Kiev.

The general and his likeminded colleagues perceived US President Barack Obama, the commander-in-chief of all American forces, as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel as obstacles. Obama and Merkel were being “politically naive & counter-productive” in their calls for de-escalation, according to Phillip Karber, a central figure in Breedlove’s network who was feeding information from Ukraine to the general.

“I think POTUS sees us as a threat that must be minimized,… ie do not get me into a war????” Breedlove wrote in one email, using the acronym for the president of the United States. How could Obama be persuaded to be more “engaged” in the conflict in Ukraine — read: deliver weapons — Breedlove had asked former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Source: Breedlove Network Sought Weapons Deliveries for Ukraine – SPIEGEL ONLINE

This is excellent (2 years old, but Gladio has never ended in the Ukraine or in all of Europe)–If you care about understanding reality before we go to war over lies of Empire, please watch this!!!!