Why Brexit Is Such a Threat to the New World Order

This is not just about economics and prosperity, it is about freedom, it is about culture and it is about preserving the integrity of a nation and people that are one of the most important pillars of Western Civilization. However, the scaremongering by all of the weight of the transnationalist power elites on both sides of the pond flies in the face of historical fact: Freedom is the cornerstone of prosperity not bureaucratictechnocratic dictates from overpaid pompous jackasses in Brussels.

Europe is being strangled by the Regulatory  State. As the day is certain, it is also certain that the machinery of bureaucracy and its expanding output of miasmic regulatory stench will continue infinitely up to the point will it strangles the very lifeblood of the host nations that have sacrificed their sovereignty upon a lie. The lie, whose propaganda has seduced once proud, unique and vibrant nations and cultures  in order to serve only one purpose, the wealth, power and absolute control of the transnational elites that rule us.  

I doubt England will be allowed to leave the EU, even if the vote dictates that she do so. There is far too much at stake for the European and global corptocracy and bureaucratic leaches. There is also too much at stake for the British people not to revolt if the system prevents a fair vote or decides to disregard their voices. 


If you think that a referendum vote on June 23 by UK citizens on whether to withdraw from the European Union (called Brexit, short for British Exit), is simply a proxy on whether the UK should dislodge itself from the edicts of Brussels, think again. It’s morphed into a much broader debate on whether citizens worldwide should surrender their right to a participatory democracy in order to further the interests of multinational corporations, secret trade agreements packed with secret court tribunals, global banking hegemony and central banks attempting to keep all these balls in the air for their one percent overlords.

As if on cue, U.S. mega banks have been selling off as polls show voters planning to vote in favor of leaving the EU have taken a six-point lead. This morning in New York markets, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley are all trading in the red. Bloomberg News is reporting that two large European banks, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank, which also have a heavy footprint on Wall Street, have slumped to all-time record lows this morning.

Other central bankers are also doing their part to shore up the scare campaign. Yesterday, Fed Chair Janet Yellen along with the heads of the Bank of Canada, Bank of Japan and Swiss central bank all alluded to disruptions to the global economy if the U.K. leaves the European Union.

What these central bankers and mega banks really seem to be saying is that referendums where citizens actually get to vote on shaping their democracy and economic destiny don’t fit neatly with our plans for the new world order.

Why Brexit Is Such a Threat to the New World Order

Source: Why Brexit Is Such a Threat to the New World Order

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Remain campaign supporters are rushing to blame Brexit backers for today’s horrific attack on Labour MP Jo Cox.

Just an hour after a 52-year-old man allegedly shot and stabbed Mrs. Cox, who had been campaigning for Britain to remain in the EU, many online are seeking to tar with the same brush all those behind Brexit.

There is currently no indication that the attacker was a Brexit campaigner, and reports over his shout of “Britain First” – the name of an anti-EU nationalist group – have had doubts cast upon them by Channel 5 news.

Yet in 2010, when al-Qaeda sympathiser Roshonara Choudhry stabbed Stephen Timms, the Labour MP for East Hams, many of those same voices rushed to insist that it had “nothing to do with Islam” and “Muslims can’t be blamed”.

Remain Campaigners Rush To Blame Brexit For MP Attack

Source: Remain Campaigners Rush To Blame Brexit For MP Attack – Breitbart

Bilderberg 2016: We can expect desperate lobbying against Brexit from Big Business

As the EU referendum looms, a great counsel of war is gathering. Henri de Castries, the Chairman of the influential Bilderberg Group, has made his way to the highest hill above Dresden, placed a mighty conch shell to his aristocratic French lips and blown.

Responding to his call, 140 or so of the most powerful pro-European business leaders and politicians will be making their way to the five-star Hotel Taschenbergpalais to discuss the future of their beloved free trade zone.

The annual three-day Bilderberg conference kicks off on Thursday, and you can be sure the mood in Dresden will be a grim one. The heads of Google, Shell, BP and Deutsche Bank will be there, and Brexit will be top of the agenda. The Bilderberg Group has been nurturing the EU to life since the 1950s, and now they see their creation under dire threat.

“A disaster for everyone” is how Henri de Castries, the boss of AXA and a director of HSBC, describes Brexit. But in particular, it is a disaster for his banking and big business colleagues at Bilderberg. Thomas Enders, the CEO of Airbus, who sits on Bilderberg’s steering committee – the group’s governing body – said, in a recent interview with CNBC, that his industry would be “lobbying” against Brexit.

Enders said: “Long-term it would not be positive certainly for the industry. This why the aerospace industry – I think amongst others – will lobby… for a [Remain] vote of the British electorate on the EU.”

For Bilderberg, as for Goldman Sachs, the idea that there might be any kind of push-back against globalisation is a horrific one.

-Bilderberg 2016 We can expect desperate lobbying against Brexit from Big Business

Then in 2013, Italian Supreme Court President Ferdinando Imposimato called Bilderberg a terrorist organization responsible for Operation Gladio to destabilize public order and stabilize political power. He went on to implicate the Bilderberg Group in the massacres of Italian activists during the seventies and eighties. These statements were made during the launch of his book “La repubblica delle stragi impunite,” which means “The Republic Where Massacres Go Unpunished.”

“The Bilderberg Group is behind the so-called ‘strategy of tension,’ and therefore the massacres,” says Ferdinando Imposimato, Honorary President of the Supreme Court as he makes references to a document written more than 40 years ago – and which was almost lost- during the promotion of his new book, “La repubblica delle stragi impunite,” which translates to “The republic where massacres go unpunished.”

“We found the truth about the massacres. There has been complicity between the state – or factions of the state – and the Mafia, as well as (black ops) terrorism and freemasonry. These elements came together during Operation Gladio, and consist of multiple international organizations, controlled by the CIA. This is a proven fact. The purpose of their actions was to destabilize public order and stabilize the political power,” said Imposimato.

Yet still outlets like the BBC want to mock the fact that powerful people meet in secret by making claims that elites are all lizards. The media always uses some ridiculous joke to discredit the very real fact that unelected “elite” are meeting in secret to discuss political affairs – in violation of U.S. law for any Congressman in attendance. These elite feel entitled to meet in secret without any cameras or reporters while they make policy to try and shape government policies.

Thanks to outlets like We Are Change, the Bilderberg Group has the eyes of the public on it. Oh, and Edmond de Rothschild and Baron Rothschild just remember you are WANTED only one country over in France for FRAUD.

-Bilderbergs A Terrorist Organization Italian Supreme President Ferdinando Imposimato

Source: Bilderberg 2016: We can expect desperate lobbying against Brexit from Big Business