BREXIT–Will The Elites Allow It?

The predominant behavioral pattern of the Ruling Class: they identify a problem and implement a solution that invariably increases their own power or the amount of resources they are able to access

Ultimately the case for the Ruling Class is an empirical one. If the power and resources at their disposal have produced what they promised, then it might all make sense. If not, then the arguments of the progressive Ruling Class come down to nothing more than a pursuit of power for its own sake.

===Conspiracies of the Ruling Class: How to Break Their Grip Forever (Lindsey, Lawrence B.)

revolt-logoThe ruling technocrats and power elites of our decaying Western Civilization have underestimated the collective intelligence or, at the very least, the growing revolutionary disgust of the disenfranchised and eunuched citizenry that they have been brainwashing and controlling for generations.  Although, clearly on smaller scale from a geographic perspective, perhaps even in regards to the duration of the systemic propaganda campaigns imposed on the masses by the ruling elites (the West’s starting decades prior), there is a similarity to the surprising materialization, almost out of the quantum vacuum, of copies of the American Constitution plastered on the walls of Peking after what most observers, for many years prior, had concluded was the most regimented indoctrination program ever imposed. Consensus thinking at the time was that the students and youth of China could not even comprehend the notion of democracy nor the individual rights defined so eloquently from the voices of long dead white Anglo-Saxon Americans, not after the Cultural Revolution. 

Revolutions happen and they usually catch the complacent elites off guard. The current revolt against the West’s corporatist fascism and increasingly corrupt crony capitalism has been brewing for some time. The bread crumbs can be found in many places, but perhaps a clear example is with the global revolt against Monsanto, GMO’s and the poisoning of humanity with glyphosate (Glyphosate, the most used herbicide in the world, has been found in the urine of 93 percent of the American public during a unique testing project that started in 2015).

Despite the power and full coercive force of the American government and its vassals in the various NGO’s to promote and defend Monsanto and Roundup ready GMO’s, nation-states around the world, under pressure from a chorus of dissent from their citizens, have banned the herbicide and restricted Monsanto’s access to their farmers. Of course, in the United States this message has been totally muted by the mainstream media and almost outlawed by a corrupt and totally bought Congress.

However, unless they directly outlaw dissent, as the power elites would like to do with climate change deniers, this specific revolt is unlikely to be suppressed and there are others growing in stature. America, however, may end up being the last bastion of sanctioned chemical death. Then again there are so many other avenues of corporate and technocratic elite promoted and authorized mechanisms of control, health destruction and profit.  

From the the Occupy Wall Street movement, even though it failed to sustain itself, that was so expertly suppressed through the coordinated efforts of the Department of Homeland Security, to the growing dissent against a vaccine industry backed by the American police state and the pharmaceutical industries ubiquitous propaganda, there are clear signs that the people’s revolt here and throughout Europe may be gaining ground.  

The Sanders and Trump phenomena, as well as the coming vote in Britain over BREXIT is the tip of the iceberg of a powerful and growing revulsion against a system of corporatist and bureaucratic fascism designed, controlled and directed by a small cadre of transnationalist elites whose goal is to dictate the rules and behavior of one giant homogenized population; one without national borders, without national cultures and community and without any voice, at least not through avenues that are real or even remotely representative.

images brexistThe first test is coming soon in the BREXIT vote. With the prospects of this vote becoming the first real nail in the coffin of the nightmare of bureaucratic and corporate rule. A system of rule so remotely removed from democracy. A rule of technocratic elites and the overpaid minions of the various ministries of control in Brussels whose sclerotic bureaucracies would likely make George Orwell smug. It is a massive system of privilege and self-anointed prestige and power that its elites will do everything in their power to subvert a yes vote in order to retain. Britain will not be allowed to leave the EU, not if a most aggressive and even blatant fraud can prevent it.

The transnationalist and technocratic progressives rule is becoming too fragile to allow this visible stake in the heart of the European State to spread its poison. The globalists attempt to deify Gaia and climate change environmentalism as the new transnational religion is failing. After many years now of absurdly distorted “scientific” data and State & NGO supported treaties and propaganda, the limited support among the western and global population has got to be worrying to the power elite’s and their confidence in their indoctrination   machinery. Their grip on our minds and souls is fading. Will they recede into the polluted sunset quietly? It has never happened before.  

Expect serious moves, from war, fraud to outright suppression. The array of forces against democracy and freedom are so powerful and we, the people, have let the charade go on far too long that there is only limited hope that we can reclaim our nations, our cultures and our rights without either a total socioeconomic breakdown or violent revolution. Likely both. 

images uk not eu Just from our sources in Britain, it appears that the BREXIT camp should actually win if they allow a fair referendum, which is highly debatable. The Guardian has conducted a poll which seems to be not directed by the government, which is astonishing. Their latest poll, unlike the Telegraph, puts the BREXIT camp at a slight advantage. The Guardian reported: “45% said they favoured leaving the EU, and 42% remaining, with 13% saying they did not know. Once the “don’t knows” were excluded, that left 52% in favour of Brexit, against 48% for remain.”

Our computer is projecting the probability of reach a minimum of 65% voter turnout. So the Cameron EU Camp is going to have a lot of rigging and fake votes they will need to count as mail-ins to win. The likelihood of BREXIT winning against the EU rigged game is not easy. Let’s face reality. Government the track record so far for any democratic process in Europe, if the government cannot rig the outcome, they would just flat out right declare voting illegal to start with.

Source: Armstrong Economics

When ICM carried out a poll for the Guardian in mid-May, remain had a 10 percentage point lead among those polled by phone, on 55% to 45%. The online method produced the same result as the latest one: 52% for leave compared with 48% for remain.

This latest result is likely to alarm the Stronger In Europe campaign, which had previously taken comfort from the tendency for phone polls to deliver a pro-remain verdict.

UK voters leaning towards Brexit Guardian poll reveals