BREXIT – Will The Elites Let The British People Free?

200px-Bureaucracy_box_artBureaucracies expand until they can’t.  Bureaucracies destroy individual innovation. The Administrative State, the utopian vision of the progressive/socialist/communist cabal is an authoritarian absurdity wrapped in lies, greed power and elitist hubris. Built by elites for the elites and their children, the massive bureaucratic   apparatus that is the central control mechanism for the subjugation of the people of Europe is a parasitoid that is killing its host. The chokehold of Brussels on Europe must be shaken loose.

Vote LeaveIn many ways it might be said that far more than simply the  survival of Britain depends on the exit of that nation from the    deadly grip of the minions of the administrative state in Brussels. Perhaps  all of Western Civilization, our culture, our heritage and our freedom depends on this vote, even here across the pond.  If followed by the defeat of the sclerotic power elites in the elections in November in the United States, the revolution and freedom may have a chance.

The progressive/socialist bureaucrats and transnational corporate anti-nationalist elites will do anything to keep Britain within the absurdly undemocratic, really anti-democratic, massively inefficient dictatorial system created to destroy the sovereignty, both cultural and national, of every nation in Europe. It is system that has virtually destroyed the economic vibrancy of every nation that has become enslaved within its grasp. It must end.

BREXIT is opposed by Obama, by Bloomberg, by almost all major transnational elites  and corporations. It is opposed because if Britain votes to leave the technocratic, administrative Leviathan that the elites support, the socialist/fascist experiment that is the EU system will have a hole in it the size of the British Isles. Will they let this happen without massive fraud?

Eu CuffsThis is a terrific movie, most of you have likely already seen it, but if not it is worth your time. It also should stand as a warning to America about the bureaucratic centralization of control over the states and municipalities that has already destroyed the Republic and soon will devour the last vestiges of American democracy. Obama’s recent executive actions have nothing to do with his deep concerns over transgender rights and everything to do with further eroding the independence of the States and our individual privacy rights.  

Perhaps, soon there will be mandated racial, gender and religious quotas for your private Christmas party? Oh, by then you won’t be allowed to call it a Christmas party anyway. 


Margaret Thatcher’s historic speech known as the “The Bruges Speech” delivered September 20th, 1988. Thatcher’s speech rejecting the political union of Europe which is the federalization of Europe. Thatcher proposed instead a wider, decentralized, outward-looking democratic Europe of independence: “I want to start by disposing of some myths about my country, Britain, and its relationship with Europe and to do that, I must say something about the identity of Europe itself. … Europe is not the creation of the Treaty of Rome. … Nor is the European idea the property of any group or institution.”

                            Source: Armstrong Economics

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