A Brief Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Legal Problems–A Friends Musings

 A an old and very good friend has been following Hillary Clinton’s evil ways for years. Mike Long’s thoughts on her email scandal are summarized by him below:

A Brief Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Legal Problems

By most accounts emanating from the Republican Party, Hillary Clinton is in enormous legal trouble. The faithful Democrats however, refuse to address the ongoing (but shortly to terminate) FBI investigation. Except for answering and laughing at direct questions from certain T.V. news types and talking heads, Hillary’s hacks have largely ignored what seemingly is a very serious problem.

The FBI investigation (not a security review obviously) is concentrated in two areas of Hillary’s behavior: As Secretary of State (2009 – 2013) Hillary conducted governmental business on a private email system. This is very possibly illegal, against government policy and depending on the laws involved, carry penalties of varying severity ranging from 1 to 20 years’ imprisonment. The other investigation involves bribery with foreign entities which will be addressed at a future date.

What-Difference-Does-It-MakeHillary, at various times has laughed off, cackled, and barked at these allegations and has refused to address the investigation and possible charges in detail. Although she has denied the charges, she has often given contradictory reasons for instituting her own email server/system. This is quite germane to the investigation as the FBI will be very interested in WHY this system was set up. If it was a desire on Hillary’s part to avoid Freedom of Information Act access, then this is a breach of the law, and Hillary will certainly need the services of Mr. Kendall Atty.

President Obama has seen fit to weigh in with his opinion on a few occasions. On 4/10/2016 as he was being interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Obama stated, “Hillary never intentionally put America in any kind of jeopardy.” This is most interesting as one could ask: How do you know Mr. President? Are you that smart, or are you taking the word of Hillary, a congenital liar? as characterized by the late William Saphire of the NY Times). By the way Mr. President, this is an active criminal investigation and not subject to presidential oversight. Would it not be best that you avoid comment on the investigation in order to preclude prejudicial influences?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch did however, let it be known that from time to time FBI Director Comey has given her updates. Coupled with the fact that a number of Justice Dept. lawyers are working with their FBI counterparts, it is quite probable that that A.G. Lynch along with Pres. Obama know every detail in the probe.

On 11 May 2016 certain media reported that Hillary Clinton did not demonstrate any “malicious intent” by using a private email server as Secretary of State. If the defense of Mrs. Clinton is going to be anchored to the “intent” defense, or “not having intent to do harm to our country” then they just might be barking (sorry Hillary) up the wrong tree. Judge Andrew Napolitano (Princeton and Notre Dame Law School) stated on 11 May 2016, that unlike a vast majority of other cases, the Federal Government would not have to prove intent in the case of Hillary’s emails. The Judge drew attention to an email received by Mrs. Clinton that was marked Secret. Mrs. Clinton then asked one of her lackey’s to white out the word Secret and Fax the document to her home. The Judge further stated that act, is an intention to remove a state secret from a secure location to a non-secure location.  Commenting on intent the judge then stated that today’s leaks (above) suggesting that Clinton showed no intent to mishandle classified information do nothing to vindicate her because the government is NOT required to prove intent for Espionage.

Rudy Giuliani has stated on a number of occasions that he believes Hillary has broken up to 13 federal laws.  For our purposes we will consider three of the more obvious.

18 US Code 2071 Removal of Documents (General Petraeus) with up to 3 years in prison.   

18 US Code 793 Transmitting Defense Information with up to 10 years in prison.

18 US Code 1924 Unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material with up to 1 year in prison.  

Some of the other espionage laws possibly broken and in no particular order are: 798 Disclosure of classified information; 641 a misdemeanor; 1505 obstruction of proceedings; 1519 Intent to withhold; 1031 Fraud against the US; 1343 Wire Fraud; 1346 Artifice to Defraud; 371 Conspiracy to Defraud.  

Another important facet of this case is whether or not classified information fell into unauthorized or foreign hands. This brings us a to a Con who was living in a Romanian government sponsored gated community doing a 7-year stretch for, you guessed it, computer hacking. Marcel Lehel AKA “Gussifer” was recently sprung from that prison and given an all-expense paid trip (Room and Board included) to the US of A. He recently appeared in court and was charged with 9 counts of computer hacking. All under the benevolence of the FBI. The problem for Hillary is that he claims he hacked into her system. If proven Hillary is going to again need Mr. Kendall Atty. Too bad Webb Hubbell isn’t around to take the fall.

Gussifer says he found it quite easy to get into Hillary’s email server along with the email of her Benghazi advisor Sid Blumenthal. This incident, coupled with the latest reports that the Russians are sitting on 20,000 odd copies of Hillary’s emails are going to make for a delicious summer news cycle. If some of these more serious allegations are proven, Hillary’s pardon will make Marc Rich’s pardon look like chicken feed. After all, Marc only stole money, Hillary might have given away our country’s family jewels. Hillary, you could have been a contender, but all you ended up with was a one-way ticket to Pardonville!

Does Hillary go to prison like those delightful bumper stickers read.  Not a chance. Obama will think nothing of putting in the FIX. Loretta will be jumping for Obama so high that she will later be drafted into what’s left of our Space Program. Whatever the FBI outcome, other than NO charges to be brought, DOJ will sit on the FBI Report as long as possible. Can you picture Josh Earnest saying how “the report is undergoing review by the DOJ and of course we cannot disclose what is in it as it still an ongoing investigation”? Much like the IRS investigation it is still ongoing.

Expectations are that DOJ will do nothing with the FBI report. If so, there are, in some quarters, predictions that there will be resignations from the FBI ranks and possibly even Director Comey. I do not buy this one at all. Who can you name in the last 30 to 40 years that has resigned a prominent government post over principle? Nobody. Government careers are so cushy and the pay vs. work ratio is so incredible (save for the Military), Nobody retires on principle. This is very possibly one of the reasons the Clinton’s are still around. Did any FBI personnel retire because of non-prosecution of Hillary in the White House FBI Files Scandal? Are you kidding? 

If the above is not depressing enough, how about the Clinton Black Book of Vengeance? It seems that Clinton staffers from time to time, have alluded to the Clinton’s assiduously keeping track of colleagues and associates that they suspect have betrayed them. Their book rates people 1 (most loyal) to 7 – 10 (treacherous) The Clinton’s are truly bordering on the Nixonian. Disregarding the malicious attacks made by Hillary on Bill’s girlfriends and victims, let’s look at political victims in the 7 -10 category.

Did the Clinton’s have anything to do with the demise of Luv Gov Billy Richardson? Billy backed Obama vs. Hillary after the Clinton’s were so awfully nice to Billy. The Governor is then charged with campaign violations (illegally spending $250,000 to silence his mistress). Luv Guv Billy was then sent off to political Siberia. One has to wonder who started the ball rolling on that downfall? Then we have the favorite scandal of the truly salacious. John Edwards, former Presidential candidate and father of that cute little tyke by someone other than his wife. The National Enquirer was hot on his trail and tenacity won out as it all came to fruition when the Presidential Candidate was caught by an Enquirer reporter trying to sneak out of a motel cellar after visiting his other family. Backing Obama proved pretty risky.

Imagine what would happen to a lowly FBI agent of even the Director if they are caught leaking the truth while this investigation goes the route of all the Obama scandals. Other vengeance possibilities are Jay Rockefeller, Chris Dodd (both off to oblivion as former Obama backers) and Ted Kennedy, (looked what happened to him). The Clinton’s have had decades of experience in “paying them back” as kids in the schoolyard used to say. FBI personnel have to be most careful and most subtle. They might have a bit of a chance. If not, Mrs. Bill Clinton will continue to laugh, cackle, and bark!

Michael S. Long

Also, many have likely seen this and are tired of the Hillary tapes that have flooded the world over the past few years, but this one, made prior to the email scandal is terrific, just in case you have not seen it.